Admission Timeline

July (summer prior to the senior year)


  • Create your BearPass login and set up your My Missouri State student portal.
  • Register to take the October ACT or SAT. Our ACT school code is 2370 and our SAT school code is 6665.
  • Confirm your intent to enroll by paying the $125 confirmation fee.


  • Access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit the MSU office of student financial aid for more information.
  • The Housing Application opens. Check your mail and email for housing information from the Department of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services.


  • Register to take the December ACT or SAT. The December test is the last from which we can accept scores to determine eligibility for three automatic scholarships: the Board of Governors, Provost and Deans’ scholarships.




  • Register for SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration) through your My Missouri State portal.


  • Complete the MSU Annual Scholarship Application by March 1. Some of these scholarships are need-based and require the FAFSA to be completed by February 1.
  • Begin checking My Missouri State for your housing assignment. Assignments will be made the last day of every month from February to July.


  • Check your email for final financial assistance letters from the office of student financial aid.
  • Attend Admitted Student Day April 14, 2018.



  • Attend SOAR in June or July.
  • Ask your high school to send your final transcript with your date of graduation directly to the office of admissions.


  • Complete and submit your medical history form to the Magers Health and Wellness Center.
  • Review your academic advisor assignment, if you participated in a June or July SOAR session.


Get more information

Contact the admissions office at for more information on becoming a Bear.

Confirm your intent to enroll

Accept your admission offer and confirm your intent to enroll by paying the $125 confirmation fee.

Paying the confirmation fee holds your spot in MSU's incoming class of first-time students for the fall semester and also covers the cost for attending Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration (referred to as SOAR).

Once your confirmation fee has been paid, you may register for SOAR beginning Februrary 1.

Pay the confirmation fee

Housing contract Early Birds

Your housing priority date is the day in which you have a completed housing contract. A completed contract includes a paid housing deposit, having your meningitis vaccination on file with Magers Health and Wellness Center, and if you are not 18 years old also having your parent co-signature on file for the Terms and Conditions of the contract.

If you have a completed contract by December 1, you will be a part of our Early Bird Process and will receive your housing assignment the last day in February.