Getting Started


If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to talk with someone on our staff regarding the process listed on this page, please contact the Veteran Student Center at 417-836-6199. Please review the steps outlined below to be admitted to Missouri State and to receive your applicable benefits in a timely manner.

Currently on active duty or deployed?
Email so we can help you coordinate the process below.

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Helpful checklist

  1. Apply for VA Education Benefits
    1. Contact the Veteran Student Center for assistance. You may complete this step while on active duty. We suggest applying at least 16 weeks prior to your intended start date at MSU.

      Tuition Assistance (TA): Students considering using TA should begin contacting their branch education POC within their unit at this point, we can also review the necessary steps and assist further once accepted.
  2. Schedule a campus visit (if possible)
  3. Apply online for admission and pay the application fee.
    1. Apply as an undergraduate student (freshman/transfer)
    2. Apply as a graduate student
    3. Nondegree-seeking student (Taking classes without seeking a degree)
  4. Request transcripts from each institution where you have earned college credit, including your military training transcript.

    *If you have less than 24 college/military training hours to transfer, request a copy of your high school transcript. ACT or SAT test scores are not required for admission for students who are 22 or older.
  5. Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for additional financial aid. The Missouri State University FAFSA school code is 002503.
    1. If you need assistance with this step, please contact Adult Student Services
  6. Participate in one of our orientation programs:
    1. Transfer students can complete the online Transfer Student Orientation before enrolling in classes.
    2. Adult Student Services also offers a one-day orientation for new adult students.
    3. Some new students may need to take part in Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration (SOAR).
  7. Meet with an Academic Advisor in your program area or an Adult Student Advisor. If you need assistance locating your advisor or college information please contact the Veteran Student Center.
  8. Meet with a School Certifying Official in the Veteran Student Center, if utilizing VA educational benefits. Submit your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) provided to you by the VA after completing your application through At this time we can also assist with any TA related questions/concerns as needed.
    1. To schedule an appointment contact the Veteran Student Center at 417-836-6199.
  9. Complete your Veterans Certification Request after you have met with a member of the Certifying Staff in the Veteran Student Center.

    All new students are required to meet with a Certifying Official in the Veteran Student Center before they can be certified for any VA educational benefits. To schedule an appointment or for more information regarding the certification process please call the Veteran Student Center at 417-836-6199.