Missouri State University Veterans/Military Taskforce

Flag atop Carringtion Hall

Established by Veteran Student Center, with the support of Enrollment Management, this taskforce has been created to review and improve the way Missouri State University serves its military, veteran, and dependent population. The Veterans Task Force has the responsibility of ensuring that all military members, veterans, and their families, receive the proper assistance, support, and recognition.

The Task Force accomplishes its mission by:

  • Reviewing policies as they relate to the military/veteran/dependent population, recommending changes as needed.
  • Ensuring that the student population served remains relevant to the university mission, and is an active voice within the community at MSU and in the region.
  • Advocating for change, development, and enhancement of services, physical spaces for the student population, campus military memorials, programs/functions as they relate to this group, and support strengthening the organizational structure of those that serve this student population, to include other areas as it relates to the military/veteran/dependent student population in general.

Current members: