Sustainability Major

Are you passionate about sustainability? Are you looking for a degree that will allow you to work with faculty from multiple academic departments to give you a well-rounded knowledge base and skill set to address environmental, social and economic sustainability issues for our well-being and that of future generations?

Then consider the Geography and Sustainability (Comprehensive) major at MSU. Students complete a core set of courses that create a strong foundation in the principles and philosophy of sustainability. Beyond the core of the major, students select an interdisciplinary option area. Students may select a traditional geography focus, a focus on Sustainable Development (i.e., more social science oriented), or a focus on Sustainable Watershed management (i.e., more physical science oriented). All students completing the program will have fluency in the scientific, social science, and economic facets of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information, visit the Geography and Sustainability website and program requirements.