Campus Move Instructions

Printable Campus Move Instructions

In order to expedite the moving process, Space Management requests that your department complete the following prior to the arrival of the moving crew.  All space moves will take place during regular business hours (8am - 5pm) unless special circumstances dictate.

Reduce what you have to pack and move

  • Review University guidelines for record retention and then purge appropriate files.
  • Survey existing furniture and storage:
    • Identify what items will move to the new space.
    • Identify items for disposal.
    • Identify items to be transferred to University Property Control for re-allocation or surplus sales. Complete the Surplus Property Form located on the Property Control Website.

Preparing Furniture and Equipment

  • All desks, storage cabinets, bookcases, file cabinets, credenzas, etc. must be empty before moving. Be sure to lock them and remove the keys.
  • Office chairs should be numbered in sequence, for example, chair one of three, to ensure that the entire group is returned to the correct owner/department.
  • Office equipment, such as computers, printers, fax machines and copiers should be moved by the department's Information Technology personnel. Copiers that are under contract must be moved by the specific company that provides the contract.

Boxes, Tape, and Packing

  • Boxes
  • Packing
    • When packing the boxes be sure to use adequate packing materials.
    • Please be aware of the weight of each packed box. Do not overfill.
    • If the box needs special handling it should be set apart, clearly marked FRAGILE and identified to the movers.
    • If the items are personal property, it is recommended you move the items yourself, especially artwork, framed pictures, figurines, plants, etc.
  • Labeling
    • All boxes must be labeled, indicating the person's name and the new room number or space that they are assigned to in the new location. Boxes should be numbered in sequence, for example, box one of five, to ensure that all are returned. Place labels on the end panels, not on top of box.
    • All furniture, equipment or any item being moved must be labeled (include person’s name, new room number/location). 

Department Responsibilities

Each department listed below requires advance notice for their designated services.  The following items are the responsibility of the relocating department: