University Space Allocation Advisory Committee

Reports to Administration and Finance

Purpose: The Committee will report to the Vice President for Administration and Finance (VPAF). The University Space Manager will chair the committee. The VPAF will have the ultimate decision-making authority and responsibility with appeal rights of the Vice President’s decisions going to the President.

The Committee is to meet at the call of the chair, typically monthly, to review the status of current space allocations, recommend actions regarding requests for new or additional space, and consider requests for modifications of existing space.

Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services
Jen Cox, University Space Manager/Director of Support Services (Chair)
Shelley Cantrell, Scheduling Coordinator
John Jasinski, Provost
Beth Walker, Faculty Senate Chair
Barri Tinkler, Dean, College of Education
Emma Vytlacil, S.G.A. Director of Administrative Services
Brad Kielhofner, Director, Facilities Management
Vonda Yarberry, Department Head, Art and Design
Mark Wheeler, University Architect, Director of Planning, Design and Construction
Brandon Decker, Staff Senate Representative

Updated Januaryu 30, 2024

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