Facilities Request Form

The purpose of this on-line form is to help expedite the processing of your space or facilities related request. The form is used by several on-campus agencies to evaluate and assess your request.

This request will require the approval of the University Space Allocation Advisory Committee (USAAC). You may be asked to meet with USAAC to clarify or provide additional justification of your request. Submission of this form does not imply approval. You will be notified regarding the disposition of your request in a timely manner.

If the request is approved by USAAC, you will receive written notification which you will attach to a Project Request Form to initiate the actual requested work.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please direct them to:

Shelley Cantrell
Coordinator of Space Management

Requester information
Location to be changed
If this is for a change or modification to a classroom or lab, do you have PRIORITY assignment for the room?
(Skip to next question if NOT a classroom or lab.)
If this involves a physical modification of space, have you communicated your requirements to Planning, Design and Construction?
Description and approval
Has this project request received budget approval?