Sociology Online

The sociology major is perfect for students who plan to work in fields that require interaction with people of diverse backgrounds including business, nonprofit organizations, and government positions. 

Missouri State University emphasizes Public Sociology, utilizing the tools of sociology to make a positive difference in the community. 

We are committed to helping students complete their undergraduate degrees and be successful after college.

Online minor is required. Don't have an online minor? Check out your online minor options.

Sociology Online Course Availability

Course Tpe Fall Spring Summer
Required Courses SOC 150 SOC 150 SOC 150
  SOC 301 SOC 302  
  SOC 325 SOC 398  
  SOC 492 SOC 492  
Community Engagement SOC 152 SOC 152 SOC 152
Cultural Competency   SOC 337  
SOC Electives Two Electives Two Electives One Elective