Study Away in Israel

                            Photo of Israel's Western Wall and title of Israel Study Away trip, "The History, Religions, and Politics of Israel"

Join us as we travel to Israel in May 2019 for
The History, Religions, and Politics of Israel!

Join us as we learn about the history, religions, and politics of modern Israel-Palestine.  Learn about the historical events and personages that became central to the construction of modern Zionism by visiting key sites throughout the country, and develop a tangible appreciation for the people, events, and lands that created this remarkable part of our modern world.

Course credit (3 credits) available for:
PLS 497, 797; UHC 350; IDS 297; HST 597, 697; REL 397, 550, 655

Application due 1 Dec 2018
CHPA Study Away Scholarship Application due 1 Nov 2018

Contact Dr. Vadim Putzu or visit the Study Away website for more information

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