Israel Education Abroad

                            Photo overview of the city of Jerusalem

Join us in May 2023:
The History, Religions, and Politics

The holiest sites of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religious traditions. 4,000 years of histories that have shaped Western civilizations you can see and touch. The site of political and military conflicts constantly in the headlines. Green hills, beaches, deserts, lakes, caves, and more in a country 1/9th the size of Missouri. Cutting-edge technology, food, art, entertainment, and social activism.

Experience Israel, one of the most diverse, complex, and fascinating lands in the world, with MSU professors who lived there!

Cities to be visited:
Jerusalem, TelAviv, Haifa, Jordan River Valley, Galilee

Travel dates:
21-30 May 2023

Course credit (3 credits) available for:
PLS 497 - Special Topics
PLS 797 - Special Topics in Global Affairs
IDS 297 - International Culture and Study Abroad
UHC 350 - Honors Study Abroad
REL 397 - Topics in Religious Studies
REL 550/655 - Topics in Religious Studies

Application deadline 1 Dec 2022
Payment deadline 31 Jan 2023

Contact Dr. Vadim Putzu
or visit the Education Abroad - Israel Short-Term Program for more information.