Student Opportunities

Marketing Club

Network with local, regional and national marketing professionals. Practice your skills by planning and executing events.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association

Enjoy opportunities to apply your logistics skills. Meet other students who share your interests.

Advertising Club

Attend, plan and host business events. Get involved by participating in local volunteer outings.

Ad Team

Join a tradition of excellence. The Ad Team is known for its success in national competitions. Participation is highly selective; interested students should contact Dr. Melissa Burnett.

Education Abroad

Expand your horizons, enrich your global perspective and learn how culture and geography affect marketing principles.

Bears Business Community

Room with other students who are focused on business and leadership. Enjoy opportunities to connect with faculty and local businesses.

Access the tools for success

Our free tutoring resources are a partner in your academic journey. We offer expert advice on core subjects and guidance for papers and presentations.