Presidential Scholarship Application Information

Please read these instructions thoroughly before filling out this online application.

  1. The Presidential Scholarship is the most valuable freshman award available at Missouri State. It is valued at $12,500 per year ($6,250 for tuition and $6,250 for on-campus housing), plus a full waiver of out-of-state fees for non-Missouri residents. To apply for the Presidential Scholarship, students must rank in the top 10 percent of their class or have a 3.90 or higher cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale and score a 30 or better on the ACT (or a 1400 or better on the SAT).
  2. Unlike Missouri State's automatic scholarships (the Deans', Provost and Board of Governors scholarships), the Presidential is competitive. In order to compete, students must be admitted to the university, submit a special application and attend an interview. Applications must be received by December 1 of your senior year. Students may apply for admission to the University online.
  3. The scholarship application itself consists of two parts. In the first part, applicants provide address, contact and academic information, as well as a list of organizations and activities participated in and awards and honors received. In the second part, students provide an essay (not to exceed the equivalent of two pages in length) consisting of a personal profile describing interests, academic goals and career plans.
  4. Before completing the application, we recommend that students review the required information ahead of time and have all materials ready to submit. Students should be prepared to finish the application in one sitting, as they cannot save their work and come back to it later. Applicants can fill in each field manually or they may cut and paste the required information. Please note that most formatting will be lost if students cut and paste, although hard returns will be preserved.
  5. Applicants should make sure that they have submitted a transcript showing their class rank percentile (6th semester in high school) and their highest ACT or SAT score to the Missouri State Office of Admissions by the December 1 deadline. As long as the university has a transcript on file, it is not necessary to include a duplicate with the application for the scholarship.
  6. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Sean Kliethermes, Presidential Scholarship Recruitment Coordinator. He may be reached by calling 417-836-4353 or 800-492-7900, or by email at

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