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This library serves as the official repository of all university-wide Governing and Operating Policies. The goal of this library is to provide up-to-date policy information to the university community; however, all policies found herein are subject to change from time to time. Prior to acting in reliance upon a specific policy as it appears within the library, please check to make sure that it has not been changed by the Board of Governors or the president of the university by contacting the administrative unit responsible for the policy.

Governing Policies are established by the Board of Governors. This type of policy describes the composition, powers and duties of the Board, contains procedures for the functioning of the Board, and contains policies for the governance of its members, officers, agents and students. Operating Policies are approved by the president of the university. This type of policy interprets and implements Governing Policies. The president has the authority to delegate the approval of Operating Policies to a member of administrative council.

Operating Policies will be adopted or changed only as follows:

  1. The proponent of the new policy or policy revision will bring the policy to the appropriate vice president-level administrator for consideration after obtaining input from others with an interest in the policy;
  2. The administrator will forward the proposal to the president or administrative council for review.
  3. When the proposal is approved by the president, it will be forwarded to the office of general counsel for inclusion into the policy library.

For questions about the policy adoption or revision process, contact the office of general counsel at 417-836-8507 or GeneralCounsel@MissouriState.edu.

For questions about the content of a specific policy, please contact the Responsible Office or Administrator indicated at the bottom of the policy at issue.

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