Scholarships for Current Students

Investing in your future

Missouri State scholarships are an investment in your future. As a current student, you qualify for a number of scholarships that are based on your academic interests, organizational involvement and more.

Scholarship types

Missouri State offers two general types of scholarships for current students.

MSU institutionally funded scholarships

These scholarships are funded by MSU. See below for scholarship criteria, application information and deadlines.

MSU donor funded scholarships

These scholarships are gifts to the University made by individuals, groups or organizations and awarded to Missouri State students each year.

Applying for University funded scholarships

Additional application

University funded scholarships for currently enrolled students require submission of a separate application and supporting materials, such as an essay. Check each scholarship description for application instructions.

Scholarship renewal

Many of the scholarships listed below can be renewed for an additional year. Specific instructions and requirements regarding scholarship renewal are listed in each description below.

Available University funded scholarships for current students