How to Form an FLC

The FCTL is seeking MSU faculty facilitators for Spring 2024 FLCs focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning.  

The FCTL supports the creation of new FLCs and provides resources to facilitators to promote the success of their communities of practice. 

  • Selected FLCs receive a budget of $2000 per semester.
  • Primary FLC facilitators receive a stipend of $750 per semester. 

Planning an FLC

FCTL Support for FLCs

FLC Proposal Requirements

  • FLC Name
  • Facilitator(s) Name(s)
  • FLC Duration

You may elect to facilitate the FLC for one semester or for a full year.  

  • Abstract (100-150 words). 

Provide a brief description of the community that can be used for marketing the group. 

  • Goal(s). 

Goal-setting is a key activity within FLCs.  Each member is encouraged to set their own individual goals, and group goal setting is encouraged.  However, when planning the FLC, each facilitator should set broad measurable goal(s) for the group as a whole to set the direction of the community.  For example, participation in a community may increase awareness of a topic/issue, change a teaching practice, increase collaboration, impact the university community, etc...  

  • Meeting plan

The meeting plan should include dates, times, and session topic/outcomes.  The plan should include a minimum of 4-5 sessions per semester with a minimum of 10 contact hours spread across the semester.   

  • Resources & Materials

Each FLC receives a budget of up to $2000 per semester to support the community.  The FCTL will take care of the details, but please include information about books, supplies, materials, etc.  that you will need for the group.  If you would like to provide catering, please indicate: breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks.  

  • Evaluation

Please provide your plan for assessing the progress of the community towards meeting the FLC goal(s).  Review the FLC goal(s), and describe how and when you will measure the community progress.  You might think about what data you will need to gather and how/when you will obtain the data.  Will you include a pre-/post- survey question, use observational techniques, collect responses to reflective questions, etc... 

  • Deliverables to demonstrate evidence of FLC impact.  Please provide a description of deliverables which may be generated by the group to communicate the evidence of impact of your FLC on the university, faculty, and/or students. 

Submitting the FLC Proposal Form

What happens after I submit my idea for an FLC?

If your idea for an FLC is accepted, we will schedule a planning meeting to provide additional information and support to facilitators.  

Important Timelines & Deadlines

June 1, 2023 Deadline:  FLC Proposals for Fall
June - August Fall FLC Registration Period
August 25, 2023 Fall FLC Facilitator Coffee
August - December Fall FLCs in Session
October 15 Deadline:  FLC Proposals for Spring 
November 1 Notification of proposal status
November Spring FLC Facilitators Coffee
November - January Spring FLC Registration Period
January - May Spring FLCs in Session
March 15, 2024 Deadline:  FLC Proposals for Fall
April 1, 2024 Notification of proposal status
May, 2024 Fall FLC Facilitators Coffee
May - August, 2024 Fall FLC Registration Period