Policies and Procedures


  1. Go to Access Your Accommodation Memos on the DRC home page.
  2. Log in with the same username and password as you do your Missouri State email account.
  3. After successfully logging in, you will need to “request your accommodations” for your classes.
    1. Please ignore any message at the top of the page that says "No accommodation requests found."
  4. Scroll down to the section titled, “Select Accommodations for Your Class,” to find your current registered classes at Missouri State.
  5. Under “Step 1: Select Class(es),” select the classes for which you wish to use accommodations by checking each course’s corresponding box. Accommodations may not be necessary for all classes, so feel free to only choose the course you need accommodations for.
  6. Click “Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations,” to begin selecting accommodations for each class. If you have multiple accommodations available, they will all be displayed on this screen under each individual course you have selected.
  7. Accommodations such as “Alternative Testing,” and “Notetaking Services,” will appear as a single heading, but all of your specific accommodations for each category will appear on your final accommodation memo.
  8. Once submitted, an option will appear at the top of the page to allow you to generate your memos. Click the class you want to generate, and a PDF of your accommodation memo will be created for you to deliver to your instructor.



  1. Print your accommodation memo or send via email to your instructor.

  2. Schedule a meeting or go to your instructor’s office hours to discuss your accommodations. Their email address and office hours are typically located on your class syllabus. Emailing or just dropping off the accommodation memo in their mailbox or after class does not meet your responsibility for implementing accommodations.

  3. Your instructors are required to implement your accommodations only after you provide them your accommodation memo and have had a thorough conversation with them about how accommodations will be implemented.
  4. Provide your accommodation memo and meet with your instructor as early as possible. If you choose to wait until further into the semester to meet with your instructor and provide your accommodation memo, your instructor is not required to apply accommodations retroactively.  



  1. All accommodated exams not being administered by your instructor will be scheduled through the Testing Center.

  2. Ask your instructor if they can provide the exam accommodations. Instructors are better able to answer questions during an exam (as they would during a regular class exam). Also, instructors are able to collect the exam from you immediately when you finish rather than waiting for the Testing Center to return the completed exam to them.  If your instructor is unable to provide your exam accommodations, then you will need to schedule it with the Testing CenterAT LEAST SEVEN DAYS (168 hours) PRIOR TO YOUR EXAMS, go to Schedule an Exam on the Testing Center website.

      • Many of your instructors list all of their exam dates on their syllabus, including your final. Select Schedule an Exam and input all of your exam dates, including your final.
      • If the exam date you submitted changes, it is your responsibility to inform the Testing Center of the change. Email as soon as possible to TestingCenter@MissouriState.edu and provide the new date of your exam.  If you wait too long to inform them of the change in date, you run the risk of not receiving your accommodations for the exam due to lack of notice.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT! You must schedule with at least one week’s notice (168 hours) to be scheduled for an exam. Please note: If you do not give proper notice, your exam request will be denied. Please see the Testing Center's website for a full explanation of exam policies.
  4. When should I plan to take my exam?
    • You should take your exams at the same date and time as your class, when possible. The exam policies explain exceptions to this rule, and any alternative dates/times should be discussed and agreed upon by the instructor before scheduling your exam.
    • Please see the Testing Center's website for the hours when you can take your exam. All exams must begin in enough time to finish by the time the Testing Center closes for the day.


1.      Our office is here to provide advising, support, and guidance as you collaborate with your instructors to implement your accommodations. Please email (DRC@MissouriState.edu) or call (417-836-4192) with questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment with your advisor to request additional accommodations.


  1. If you would like to discuss a decision made by DRC staff, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 417-836-4192 and schedule an appointment with the Director.

  2. If you wish to appeal the decision of the Director, you are welcome to contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance at Missouri State University, 417-836-4252, to file an appeal.

  3. For statements regarding our policies and procedures, the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities, and the rights and responsibilities of the University and its faculty, please see www.missouristate.edu/disability.
  4. For other inquiries concerning the grievance procedure, or to file a complaint based on discrimination, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC). You may schedule an appointment with OIEC by calling 417-836-4252 or emailing Equity@MissouriState.edu.