Requesting Accommodations

Op5.05-1 Disability Accommodation Policy for Students

Policy statement

MSU perceives students with disabilities as a valued identity group and integral to our campus diversity. We strive to proactively create usable, equitable, inclusive learning environments. However, due to the design of a University course or program, students with disabilities may experience barriers to their full and meaningful participation. When this occurs students should request an environmental or course adaptation through the process outlined below. It is the policy of Missouri State University to comply with all applicable federal and state laws prohibiting disability discrimination.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is the University office responsible for the evaluation and implementation of reasonable accommodations based on a disability. The DRC provides resources and collaborates with all students with disabilities. The DRC is the entry point for all disability resources and accommodations for the Springfield Campus. Students interested in receiving a reasonable accommodation must contact the DRC information: Meyer Library, Suite 111, 417-836-4192 (voice) or 417-836-6792 (TTY),

On the West Plains and Mountain Grove Campuses, students should contact the Advisement and Academic Coaching Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS), 128 Garfield, 417-255-7222,

Requesting accommodations

Students with disabilities who experience or anticipate barriers to their participation are encouraged to request accommodations by going through the following process. Students should request accommodations as soon as a barrier to participation is anticipated as accommodations cannot be provided retroactively. Distance learning students should follow this same accommodation process.

Students with disabilities should contact the DRC for an appointment. The purpose of the appointment is to discuss the barriers the student has experienced or anticipates.

Students should then complete the online request for accommodation form and submit it. Students may also fill out a hardcopy form through the appropriate resource office.