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The Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance is charged with promoting, sustaining, and advancing a learning, working, and living environment that is fair, inclusive, and welcoming for all members of the Missouri State University community. The Office supports and cultivates cultural competence and ethical leadership in all its aspects through compliance, education and training, and by fostering inclusive excellence. 

The Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance is a system-wide department charged with monitoringthe University’s compliance with federal, state and institutional policy guidelines that promote a non-discriminatory and harassment-free environment. This includes investigating complaints of discrimination or harassment, making policy recommendations, advising units about hiring policies and processes, offering mandated training within the University community, ensuring educational and/or workplace support services for persons with disabilities, and monitoring compliance with the University's affirmative action initiatives.

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Martin Luther King Day

National Observance

Upcoming: 1/20/2014

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gained national prominence during the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott of 1955–1956 and soon became the acknowledged national leader of the growing movement to obtain civil rights for African Americans. His commitment to nonviolence, his courage, and the moral power of his vision, eloquently expressed in masterful oratory and writings, won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Toward the end of his life King became convinced of the interrelatedness of all forms of social, economic, and military oppression, and broadened the sphere of his activism. He spoke out against U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam and was preparing to lead a massive Poor People's March on Washington when he was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968, while helping to organize the city’s sanitation workers. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday is observed nationally on the third Monday in January.











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