Request for an Interpreter

For Missouri State University departments and organizations, please provide the following information to request an interpreter through the Disability Resource Center.

If you need an interpreter within the next 72 hours, please call 417-836-4192 and talk directly to a DRC staff member. 

Your information
Assignment information
Be as specific as possible. Include building name, suite/room number, etc.
Check-in contact
The check-in contact is the person who will serve as the contact for the interpreter and answer any questions. 
Billing information
Requester agreement
  • An interpreter cannot be guaranteed if requested with less than 72 hours notice.
  • Multiple interpreters may be scheduled for the assignment based on the length of the assignment and complexity of the information presented. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The charges for interpreting services will be billed to the budget number listed in the billing information section of this form through a budget transfer. 
  • Cancellation of services must be received by the interpreting agency at least one full business day in advance.  The DRC is not responsible for delays in transmitting a cancellation to the interpreting agency if request for cancellation is communicated through email or voice mail.  By requesting interpreting services, I am responsible for notifying the DRC of a cancellation with at least 1 business day advance notice or I will be charged the full amount of the services. 
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