Become a Member of the Pride Band

How do I join the Missouri State Pride Band? 

For students planning to major/minor in Music at MSU

If you plan to major/minor in Music at MSU, you will need to register for one of the Music Major Audition Dates. This audition serves two purposes: 1) acceptance into the department as a major/minor, and 2) an audition for a University Marching Band Grant. An in-person audition is preferred, although exceptions can be made for a video audition.

For students not planning to major/minor in Music at MSU, or are undecided

If you don't plan to major/minor in Music, or if you plan to be an Undeclared major, the audition process is simple and stress-free.  There is not a specific deadline, however for planning purposes we prefer to complete auditions in February, March and April.  But, we still recruit and accept students into the summer months!

Brass and woodwind members

Students should prepare something that displays both technical and lyrical playing. Pieces prepared for music contest or all-district/all-state audition material work well. Video auditions are accepted.  In-person auditions are available as schedules allow.  Upon receiving your Pride Band Application, we will send you instructions for submitting a video audition.

Color Guard members

Information about auditioning for the color guard. Any student interested in the Pride Color Guard should contact Color Guard Instructor, John Sullivan.

Drumline / Front Ensemble members

Students with questions regarding the Pride Drumline or Front Ensemble should email their questions to

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, please read more information about Pride Band Grants.

What is the time commitment for marching band?

The Pride Band rehearses Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15-6:15 p.m., and certain Fridays from 3:35-5:50 p.m. in the fall semester. Drumline and Color Guard have additional sectional rehearsals each week. Most students find that this rehearsal schedule is less intensive than many high school marching band programs.

Does the Pride Band compete?

No, the Pride Band does not participate in any formal marching band competitions. The primary objective of the Pride Band revolves around Missouri State University's public affairs mission by providing an engaging and entertaining experience to fans at Missouri State athletic events, and providing our students with an exceptional experience in every facet of their involvement with the Pride Band. The Pride Band does frequently perform in exhibition having been featured in the MACY*S Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City (1988, 1996, 2001), the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena (1995 and 2008), and the Orange Bowl Parade in Miami (1988). They have appeared in the Super Dome for the New Orleans Saints, in the TransWorld Dome for the St. Louis Rams, at Arrowhead Stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs, and at Mile High Stadium for the Denver Broncos. In December 2005 the Pride Band traveled to London, England. In addition to being the honor band in the London New Year's Day Parade, the group also performed at St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Central Hall.

Is marching band a class?

Yes, marching band is a class for which each participating student must register. Students receive academic credit for the class, which can be used to fill elective credits in many degree programs.

Are all members music majors?

No! Our membership comes from every walk of life on campus. The Pride Band is proud to be home for students of every major in colleges and departments from across the campus community.