Ozarko Marching Festival

A 2021 Festival Date will be announced following official release of the Fall 2021 MSU Football Schedule.  Please check back.

Saturday, October 10, 2020 - a recap

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we modified and expanded Ozarko offerings. For bands choosing to be non-competitive, we provided students a performance opportunity in a University stadium that reached beyond traditional Friday night venues. We worked closely with our University Facilities Management and Health Department to ensure all guidelines were specified regarding social distancing and other pertinent safety measures. As always, everyone's safety was a priority, as we strived to provide student performance opportunities at Missouri State.


2020 Format Overview

• Non-competitive Option (includes 25 minute performance interval with clinic)

• Competitive Option (traditional format of Ozarko)

• Color Guard Performance Component

• Percussion Performance Component


Tim Allshouse

Adam Bruce

J R Carlisle

Steve Eubanks

Jackie Gilley

Monte Mast

Marlieta Matthews

Steven Page

Chris Sakowski

Chad Schaedler

Duane Williams


Chad Schaedler

Lindsey Vento

Steve Vento


With the ever-changing scenarios for high school marching bands in both our area and statewide, this concept change for 2020 will allow us to offer a performance opportunity beyond bands' high school football games in a non-competitive setting. The format keeps the competitive component of our festival for those bands who wish to compete, while adding a non-competitive component for those bands taking a showband approach to their marching season because of restraints caused by COVID-19.

Non-Competitive Option

This option is for those bands that have decided to put together showband-style shows for their football crowd, or for those bands who may not have attended Ozarko in fear of the competitive dynamics of the contest.

• Bands will be scheduled in 25-minute intervals. This will allow for travel time for clinicians from skybox to the field.

• In the 25 minutes, the band will perform their show and receive a clinic.

• Clinicians will base their commentary and clinic conversation toward how to grow from a performance / achievement standpoint and not how to grow to be competitive (since that is not directly related to the 2020 season).

• Clinicians will be in the middle skybox (formerly the Director's Hospitality Area) to observe the performance and make notes. Following the band's performance, the clinicians will move to the turf for the clinic.

• There will be three clinicians: one music, one visual, one percussion.

• Overview comments (no scores, no sheets) will be given by festival adjudicators: two visual and three music.

Benefits of the Non-Competitive Option:

1. Provides a performance opportunity other than football games for bands choosing the non-competitive route for 2020.

2. Provides students the chance to perform in a stadium other than their high school field.

3. Can be an opportunity for bands to experience OZARKO that may not have considered attending before, because of the competitive aspect.

Competitive Option

This option allows us to maintain the competitive option for those bands who have decided to continue a competitive show with their marching bands. The number of bands participating in this option will determine whether we offer a one-time performance opportunity or if we have enough bands to hold prelims and finals. This option will not include a clinic.

• Bands will perform for evaluation, scoring, and ranking using current adjudication sheets.

• BOA style judging with the addition of Color Guard and Percussion captions.

• MSHSAA classification criteria (grades 9-11) will be used, unless the number of bands choosing this option warrants moving to an open class competition.

Benefits of the Competitive Option:

1. Offers the competitive option for those bands choosing to continue with their plans for competition shows.

2. Maintains the competitive aspect of OZARKO.

3. Provide students a performance opportunity in a competitive format.

Color Guard Component

Participating color guards have the option to perform in non-competitive or competitive setting. Color guards can perform their fall show choreography or an entirely different program. Groups will receive commentary to help further their development.

This option is available to all color guards regardless if their band is participating in Ozarko.

Percussion Component

Participating groups have the option to perform in non-competitive or competitive settings. Ensembles can perform their fall show music, or use different selections. Groups will receive commentary to help further their development.

This option is available to all percussion groups regardless if their band is participating in Ozarko.

Festival Entry Fees

Band participation (non-competitive or competitive): $250

Color Guard Component: $100

Percussion Component: $100

Directors: Please note we have a detailed plan on how you would arrive and function on our campus. If you feel the need to know that information now, please contact John Sullivan.

Register for Ozarko 2020

Registration has closed.  Please contact us at bands@missouristate.edu if you are interested in registering a performing group.