OPERATION: 'A Day in the University Band World'

This event is not currently scheduled.  Please check back for future dates.  If you would like to visit our campus, please contact the Campus Visit Desk to set up a campus tour, and also indicate your interest in meeting with a member of the band staff while you're here.


a few pictures from events of OPERATION: 'A Day in the University Band World'

Regardless of your planned major, or if you're entering your college career as undecided, you will want to be knowledgeable of the incredible "gift" that university bands offer!

As incoming freshmen transition into a university of 24,000 students (which can be overwhelming!), there is no better way to suddenly have 300 new friends, be a part of a high-profile, respected organization and to continue with an activity that has been such an important and joyous part of your life, than to become a member of the bands at the University level!

The PRIDE BANDS provide their members with immediate recognition and respect throughout the campus and the community of Springfield!  They provide an active and embracing social culture.  And the exhilaration, excitement and satisfaction of entertaining fans is immeasurable.

Come spend a day with us! We will play for you, have lunch with you, introduce you to important areas of the university and try to answer all of your questions about the MSU Band Program.