Supplemental Application

Apply for individual review

If you do not meet our admission requirements, apply for individual review by submitting the form below and providing letters of recommendation.

As a selective admission institution, our objective is to admit students with demonstrated potential for academic success. We recognize that some students have the potential for success not clearly evident through standard measures of class rank, grade point average, and test scores. If you do not qualify for admission on these measures under our selection index requirement, submit this form after or at the same time as when you submit your application for undergraduate admission. (If you meet the selection index requirement, you do not need to submit this form.)

Send letters of recommendation

In addition to this form, please provide two letters of recommendation written on your behalf. If applicable, one of these letters should be from your high school counselor. It is strongly suggested that you do not provide letters of recommendation from members of your family. All supplemental applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis—every three weeks. It is recommended that all supporting letters be on file by the time of review. Email letters of recommendation to or mail letters to the postal address below.

Office of Admissions
Missouri State University
901 S National Ave
Springfield, MO 65897

Supplemental Application Form