Kirstie Hunter

Kirstie Hunter


Central & Northern Missouri, NE, MN, SD, ND, and Western US

About Kirstie

I am originally from Camdenton, MO and have been a proud Bear since Fall 2015. I graduated with my B.S. in English Education in December 2018 and joined the Office of Admissions right after in January 2019. I am also currently working toward an M.S. in Student Affairs in Higher Education and hope to graduate yet again in May of 2022! *fingers crossed* My role consists of guiding students through the admission process, acting as the liaison between the Office of Admissions and the College of Education, and supervising our Telecounseling program.

Favorite thing to do in Springfield

I absolutely love going to Sequiota Park in my free time! A lot of people don’t realize just how beautiful of a town Springfield is. We may be the third largest city in Missouri, but we’re also in the heart of the Ozarks and have tons of outdoor areas to explore. I love going to Sequiota to enjoy the walking and biking paths and be around all the animals. It is such a wonderful way to unwind after a busy week.

Favorite time of year

My favorite time of year is without a doubt FALL! Ugh, I love fall weather so much. Springfield has so many fun events like Cider Days and Art Walks that make you want to be outside even when it starts getting chillier. Campus is also gorgeous when the leaves start changing. We have an amazing grounds crew that keeps our campus beautiful year-round. So, even when I’m stuck in my office on a fall day, I can peek out my window and see our Historic Quad when I want a taste of the outdoors.

Favorite thing about Missouri State

My favorite thing about MSU always has been, and always will be, our active campus life. There is always so much happening on and around campus that it’s impossible to be bored. There are so many organizations to join, traditions to participate in, and random events to join that pop up on your walk to class. Most of these are going to give you FREE BearWear and food – you can’t go wrong! We’ll make sure that you have access to a variety of ways to get involved when you get here. That’s one of the first steps toward making Missouri State your new home!

Best advice for future students

The best advice I can give is to learn as you go and not put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone is in the same boat is you! I promise that you aren’t the only one coming here that may not know anyone right away or who may need a little time to get adjusted to being away from home and to your course load. You can’t expect to know everything on your first day, and we certainly don’t expect that from you, either! Our campus community is so friendly and welcoming. We’ll make sure that you find your footing and start getting comfortable just as soon as you’re ready to. If they still let me graduate even after I showed up late to all my classes on the first day because I couldn’t find them, you’ll be just fine!