Departmental Exams

Foreign language credit

Missouri State University uses the foreign language placement exam to help determine your level of skill in a specific language and your potential to succeed in a specific course. We recommend that you take the exam prior to your SOAR session.

You take the exam to evaluate your proficiency in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Once you are assessed and placed in a course, you can obtain up to 12 hours of retroactive credit. You must complete the class you were placed in with a grade of B or higher and apply to the department to receive the retroactive credit. Credit will not be automatically granted.

If you have more advanced experience in French, German or Spanish, or experience in other languages, contact the department of world languages and cultures for individualized assessment and placement.

Other departmental exams

Examinations may also be taken for credit in accountancy and music. Contact the individual department for more information.