Math Placement Exam

You can be placed into an appropriate math course based on either your ACT or SAT math subscore or your performance on our mathematics placement exam. If the placements determined by the subscore and the exam are different, you may choose either one after consulting with an advisor.

Who should take the exam?

You are not required to take the math placement exam, but we strongly encourage you to take it if:

  • You have scored a 21 or lower on the ACT math section or a 500 or lower on the SAT quantitative section.
  • You do not have ACT or SAT scores.
  • You are interested in pursuing a major in which high levels of math are required, such as science or health fields.
  • You are not satisfied with you placement based on ACT or SAT scores or are unsure of you skills in mathematics.

You do not need to take the math placement exam if:

  • You are transferring credit for an equivalent to MTH 103 or higher as your placement in a math course will begin with the next highest appropriate course.
  • You are satisfied with your placement determined by your ACT or SAT scores.

Exam details

The math placement exam is offered for free on the first day of your SOAR session. You do not need to register for the exam in advance.

To take the exam, please arrive at the lobby of the Plaster Student Union by 8:15 a.m. on the first day of your scheduled SOAR session. A SOAR leader will escort you to the exam site.

If you arrive after the exam’s start time, you will need to take the exam during a later SOAR session or by schedule an appointment to take the exam with the mathematics department.

Exam format

The one-hour placement exam administered by the mathematics department will consist of 50 questions in three areas:

  • Basic algebra
  • Advanced algebra
  • Trigonometry

You are encouraged to complete the entire test. However, you can attempt only the basic algebra portion during the first 30 minutes if you wish.

There is no charge for the math placement exam. Pencils and testing materials will be provided to you. You are not allowed to use calculators for the exam. The test can only be taken once.

Placement using math subscores

Use the chart below to determine which courses you are eligible for based on your ACT or SAT math subscore.

Titles and descriptions of the MTH courses listed here can be found in the mathematics department section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

ACT and SAT math scores and eligibility for classes

ACT math scoresSAT quantitative scoresClass eligibility
≥ 28 ≥ 640 MTH 340, 287, 261, 215, 181, 138, 135, 130, 103, 102, 101
≥ 27 ≥ 620 MTH 340, 287, 215, 181, 138, 135, 130, 103, 102, 101
≥ 26 ≥ 600 MTH 287, 181, 138, 135, 130, 103, 102, 101
≥ 25 ≥ 580 MTH 138, 135, 130, 103, 102, 101
≥ 22 ≥ 510 MTH 135, 130, 103, 102, 101
≥ 20 ≥ 480 MTH 103, 102, 101
≥ 19 ≥ 460 MTH 101

Submitting your ACT or SAT scores

If Missouri State has not received your ACT or SAT scores or if you have obtained new scores since your admission to the University, please request that they be sent to our office of admissions. Consult the ACT website or the SAT website for more information.