Enterprise Vehicle Rental

Missouri State University’s contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a cooperative contract through the State of Missouri that provides for insurance coverage, and competitive costs for the University.

The parent non-billable Contact ID is XZ51W99.

All University employees who rent a car for official business are strongly encouraged to use Enterprise. Efforts to reduce departmental costs, renting a car is an alternative to mileage reimbursement. Claims relating to uninsured rental vehicles not under this contract are subject to review and acceptance by the State of Missouri Office of Risk Management.

Selected features of the contract:

  • Reduced national base rate that includes supplemental liability and collision damage waiver.
  • Drivers aged 18-20 years old are allowed to rent for business use only up to a full-size car.
  • National reservations at 1.800.736.8222, www.enterprise.com citing XZ51W99, or Springfield, Missouri reservations on West Sunshine Street at 417.832.9470*. Note that the asterisk or star character must be depressed as part of the number in order to reach the local office.
  • Nationwide Billing Solutions.
  • Key Customer Contact and billing setup: Josh Lambert, joshua.m.lambert@ehi.com, office 417.868.8855, facsimile 855.237.0893.
  • For questions on billing challenges, receipts, or rental extensions contact Christine McCorkle via e-mail at ADROldsouthwest@ehi.com.
  • Contact for 15 passenger van reservations: Amanda Labarge, amanda.d.labarge@ehi.com, office: 417.832.1494. Departments must purchase collision damage waiver and liability coverage from Enterprise as the 15 passenger vans are not included in the state contract.

As an added benefit, personal use rates are available and can be quoted using this customer account number: XZ51MPU.

More details about the contract are available at the link below:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Contract Details

For more information, contact the Office of Procurement Services at 417-836-5260.