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FOAPAL stands for the six accounting elements of financial data in Banner: Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location. FOAPAL authorization is also referred to as Fund-Organization Access. In Banner, all access to Finance data (both University and Foundation) is contingent upon the authorized/established Fund/Organization Access for an individual.

Admin Banner is Missouri State University's centralized academic and administrative records system. Admin Banner access to the Finance Module is restricted to internal staff within financial departments. This access encompasses essential functions such as General Accounting, Budget and Position Control, Procurement, Approval Processing, Accounts Payable, Fixed Asset, and Research Accounting. Moreover, Admin Banner finance access includes functionalities for finance system administration, fund-org (FOAPAL) security control, chart of accounts maintenance, finance document approval processing, and more.

Approval for query access to Admin Banner Finance can be granted to roles such as internal auditors or budget officers, with the consent of your cost center budget analyst.

The Finance Dashboard (formerly known as Finance Self-Service Banner - SSB) is exclusively accessible to authorized users within university departments. This tool empowers departmental users to review and manage their authorized budgets. Additionally, it enables them to initiate and approve requisitions for purchases, which are then charged against their budgets. The Finance Dashboard features resources tailored for departmental users involved in purchase processing and provides real-time monitoring of the budgeted balance available for those purchases.

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