World Language Showcase

Please join us at Missouri State University for the 3rd Annual World Language Showcase on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Bring your students to meet MCL faculty members and college students in world languages. Help your students make that transition from high school to college. There will be contests, proficiency activities, guest speakers, and LOTS of languages, all happening on the beautiful Missouri State campus in Springfield.

World Language Showcase at Missouri State University - March 28, 2018

Description of Events


  • Cultural Displays "Living Exhibits"

    • The Living Exhibits must teach some aspect of the target language or culture. Each Exhibit must include a sign, conspicuously placed, on standard tri-fold poster board (36x48) giving the topic and team name. Exhibits will be restricted to an area approximately 10x10 feet.
    • No food, water, or live animals will be accepted. No electricity will be provided for this exhibit. Competitors will be automatically disqualified if they bring food, water, or live animals.
    • Venue: Plaster Student Union (PSU) Ballroom West, 9:15am - 12:15pm
  • Poster Contest

    • Entries should be prepared by teams of two students and they must use a standard tri-fold poster board with the following dimensions (36 x48) where they can display some computerized graphic design elements and some non-computer generated designs (hand-painted, hand-sketched or collage techniques). The theme of the poster contest is LEADING WITH LANGUAGES and it must be reflected in the entries. Students can submit posters in SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, LATIN, CHINESE, JAPANESE and TURKISH. Submissions will be judged according to originality, creativity, visual appearance and application of the theme.
    • Venue: Plaster Student Union (PSU) Ballroom East, 9:15am - 12:15pm

Previous WLS poster display

  • Models/Dioramas - 2018 Theme is "Languages and Cultures in Action"

    • Choose a monument/place that is significant to the language and culture that you are studying. Create a model or diorama of this place/monument. Entries must fall into one of the following five categories around this year's theme: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, or South America
    • Attention: please make sure that your diorama/model is transportable!! Some ideas of materials are cardboard, plastic, popsicle sticks, Q-tips, wood, etc. Please make sure that your model does not have any sharp or pointed ends on it, since this could be dangerous. With your model, include the following information on a display for attendees. Each exhibit must include a sign, conspicuously placed, on standard tri-fold poster board (36x48) giving the topic and team name. Exhibits will be restricted to an area approximately 10x10 feet. Exhibits requiring electricity will not be accepted.
    • Please include the following information:
      • Name of Monument
      • Who built it?
      • When?
      • Why? (What does it commemorate, for example, or what was its purpose originally?)
      • Which country, region and city is it in?
      • Which means of transportation do you need to use to get to it?
      • What is the thing that you most like about it?
      • What is most significant about it now?
    • Venue: Plaster Student Union (PSU) Ballroom East, 9:15am - 12:15pm
  • Culture Testing

    • It is a multiple-choice written competition in which participants are tested based on their cultural knowledge of the desired language. Culture testing can be done in the following languages: SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, CHINESE, JAPANESE and LATIN. The questions will reflect cultural knowledge in the following areas: geography, food, art, literature, places and sports. Participants will take the test individually and they can be divided in two categories:
      • CATEGORY I: Students who are taking level I, II and III of the target language in which they are attempting the culture test. Under this category, the test will have the questions and answers in English.
      • CATEGORY II: Students who are taking level IV of the target language in which they are attempting the culture test. Under this category, the test will have the questions and answers in the target language.
    • Venue: Siceluff Hall Classrooms
  • Spelling Bee

    • Students will be competing in teams of three in the following languages: FRENCH and SPANISH 
    • Both FRENCH and SPANISH will have two levels of competition
  • 2019 World Language Showcase Theme Contest

    • One entry per school
    • Each registered school can submit an entry which will be featured as the new theme of 2019 World Language Showcase! The theme must be five words or less and inclusive of all languages. Each submission must include the theme AND a 300-word rationale explaining their theme.
    • Entries must be emailed to by March 21, 2018.



  • ACTFL Can-Do Statements

    • The NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements are self-assessment checklists used by language learners to assess what they "can do" with language in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication. Ultimately, the goal for all language learners is to develop a functional use of another language for one's personal contexts and purposes. The Can-Do Statements serve two purposes to advance this goal: for programs, the statements provide learning targets for curriculum and unit design, serving as progress indicators; for language learners, the statements provide a way to chart their progress through incremental steps. The checklists are best used by learners and learning facilitators as part of an overall reflective learning process that includes:
      • setting goals
      • selecting strategies
      • self-assessing
      • providing evidence
      • reflecting before setting new goals
    • Venue: Siceluff Hall Classroom 119, 9:15-11:30am
  • AAPPL Proficiency Testing

    • The ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) is a performance-based assessment of standards-based language learning across the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) as defined by the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. AAPPL Measure assesses Interpersonal Listening/Speaking (ILS), Interpretive Reading (IR), Interpretive Listening (IL), and Presentational Writing (PW) in an online format. AAPPL Measure assesses performance, the language that learners have learned and practiced within a classroom setting, providing evidence that points toward a learner’s proficiency level. AAPPL Measure assesses language proficiency within a familiar classroom context. The AAPPL Measure provides seamless, realistic role-play scenarios using high-quality audio and video that create real-world tasks for students. The participants will only be completing the Interpretive Listening (IL), Interpretive Reading (IR), Interpersonal Listening and Speaking (ILS).

      Students will choose:
      • Form A (Novice- and Intermediate-level tasks)
      • Form B (Intermediate- and Advanced-level tasks)
    • Venue: Siceluff Hall Computer Lab (328), 9:15-11:30am
  • Foreign Language University Placement Exam

    • This foreign language placement assessment is designed to ensure that university students who want to pursue language studies, are registered for the correct foreign language course. As part of the World Language Showcase day, you will be able to take this test to find out in which foreign language university course you will be placed. The exams are web-based, computerized and they take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete the multiple-choice question format. Your results will be issued immediately. You do not need to study for this exam — it is a placement test to determine your current language proficiency. The placement exam can be taken in SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN.
    • Venue: Meyer Testing Center, Meyer Library, 9:15-11:30am

Prizes for World Language Showcase 2017 at MSU

  • Guest Speakers, Performers and Prizes

    • Traditional Latin-American folk dance by Grupo Latinoamericano dance troupe
      (Deyanira Robillard, Fernanda Leos, Guadalupe Rivera, Marylu Flores, Rachael Mercedes Bishko, Yolanda Lorge, Yoma Chacon, Rachael Mercedes Bush, Maria Guadalupe Hernandez) and music by Luisa Garcia Acosta.

      Grupo Latinoamericano dance troupe
    • Cpl. Christopher NuccioCpl. Christopher Nuccio
      After taking an interest in languages in high school, including Spanish, French, and German, Nuccio joined the Army to be a linguist. He attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, where he was certified as a Spanish Linguist. After completing enlistment in the military, Nuccio joined the Springfield Police Department in 2004. There he has had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of citizens and use his language ability in situations ranging from giving directions to helping with major criminal investigations.
    • Ms. Peggy Gray
      Ms. Gray's philosophy is ‘always be the middle of the ladder’.  She currently lives in Branson Missouri, and holds CI and CT, Ed:K-12 from RID, Louisiana State Level V interpreter certification, Missouri License and Level IV certification. Gray has an AAS from Front Range Community College accredited Interpreter Training Program, a Bachelors of General Studies from LSU in Shreveport and a Masters in Pastoral Care with the Deaf from Saint Thomas University in Miami Gardens, FL. She has served in a variety of board positions within various State Interpreter organizations, was the Chairperson of the State of Louisiana Interpreter Certification Board and an Educational Interpreter Mentor for the Louisiana State Department of Education. Gray owns her own business in Louisiana, Gray Interpreting Services. She is currently employed as the Coordinator of Interpreting Services for Mercy Springfield Communities and is a private practice interpreter, consultant, mentor and workshop presenter.
    • Venue: Plaster Student Union (PSU) Theatre, 1-2pm
  • Meet with MCL Faculty and Students / Small Demos

    • Students can experience in a real way how foreign languages classes are conducted in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages through mini lessons and activities. Students can choose among SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, CHINESE/JAPANESE, LATIN and TURKISH.
    • Venue: Siceluff Hall Classrooms, 9:15am - NOON

 See the Schedule of Events for more details.