Faculty Teaching Awards

The FCTL Teaching Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty. Because effective teaching can be accomplished through many different approaches or modalities, the FCTL Advisory Council wants to recognize faculty contributions in areas that are important to the mission and long-term goals at Missouri State University.

Awards will be made in the following areas:

Accessible Learning

The Excellence in Accessible Learning award recognizes full-time faculty that take a proactive approach toward accessible teaching practices, course design, and creating equitable access and the opportunity for student success for all students.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion recognizes full-time faculty that practice inclusive teaching practices that engage all students and focuses on diversity, inclusion, equity and culturally responsive teaching.

High Impact Learning

The Excellence in High Impact Learning recognizes full-time faculty for teaching practices that help students connect disciplinary content with real-world experiences, critically reflect on their learning through meaningful interactions, provide reflective writing and frequent feedback.

Online Teaching

The Excellence in Online Teaching recognizes full-time faculty that have provided outstanding teaching, course development, create community and engagement among online students, and demonstrated evidence of achieving desired learning outcomes in an online course.

Per-Course Teaching

The Excellence in Per-Course Teaching recognizes the commitment and contributions of part-time faculty members in helping students at Missouri State achieve academic success.

Eligibility for Nomination:

Full-time faculty members must have at least one year of teaching experience at MSU. Per-Course faculty must have taught at least one full semester. Nominations may be made by students, self-nominations, or nominated by other faculty, program coordinators or department head.

Recipients will receive their FCTL Faculty Teaching Award at the All-Faculty Recognition Reception.

The FCTL Advisory Council will invite recipients of this award to preside over a panel discussion at the annual Showcase on Teaching and Learning.

Contact the fctl@missouristate.edu if you have any questions.