Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program

A mechanical engineering student connecting wires to a machine before they use it.

Make your mark with machines

Mechanical engineers make everything work – tools, engines, cars, robots and more.

Explore the best ways to design, build and use different types of machinery.

You’ll have the problem-solving skills to go anywhere.

Why major in mechanical engineering at Missouri State?

A mechanical engineering student preparing to use equipment during a lab class. His professor is watching to make sure it's properly done.

More focus put on you

Meet your next mentor here. Small class sizes mean your professors know more about you and your career goals.

Engineering professor Dr. Daniel Moreno-German teaching a class.

Have classrooms and labs dedicated to engineering

Where you learn: Brand new facilities with all the gear you need. You’ll use high-tech equipment to explore the insights of mechanical engineering: control systems, energy conversion, device design/analysis and more.

Get your foot in the door with an internship

Springfield’s home to many engineering companies - and our program has great relationships with them. Your (paid) internship or part-time role could turn into a full-time job when you graduate.

Three engineering students posing for a photo in front of a pickup track. In the truck bed  are a go-cart and a maroon Missouri State Bears flag

Make connections outside of class

Team up with your professors and classmates on research projects and community events. You can also join engineering clubs, conferences and competitions.

Partners for your success

Missouri State offers engineering in cooperation with Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). 

This means:

  • All your courses are taught on Missouri State’s Springfield campus.
    • Missouri S&T offers the engineering courses.
    • Missouri State offers the non-engineering courses.
  • Missouri S&T grants your engineering degree.

The cooperative engineering programs are open to all Missouri State students.

Become a mechanical engineer

Careers and outcomes
Build the devices and machines that people use every day.

Degree options

As you complete your engineering degree from Missouri S&T, it’s possible to earn a second degree (dual major) from Missouri State at the same time.