BS Four-Year Degree Plan: Mechanical Engineering

With this program, you can complete all your courses in Springfield while earning your degree from Missouri S&T.


Want to dual major?

It’s possible to earn a degree from Missouri State at the same time as your mechanical engineering degree from Missouri S&T. Talk with your advisor if you'd like to pursue the dual major option.

Degree plan

You must first complete the freshman engineering curriculum. You will then apply for admission to the mechanical engineering program and begin the following curriculum.

This plan does not account for transfer credit you may have. Contact us or check with your advisor to determine your transfer credit.

The following degree plan, last reviewed 05-13-2022, is based on the catalog and Missouri State general education requirements.

Sophomore first semester

Courses Hours
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S&T: MECH ENG 2653 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes 3
S&T: MECH ENG 1761 Introduction to Computer Aided Design 1
Total hours 19

Sophomore second semester

Courses Hours
S&T: MECH ENG 2761 Introduction to Design 2
S&T: MECH ENG 2519 Thermodynamics 3
S&T: MECH ENG 2360 Engineering Dynamics 3
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S&T: MET ENG 2110 Metallurgy for Engineers 3
S&T: ENG MGT 1210 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects 2
Total hours 16

Junior first semester

Courses Hours
S&T: MECH ENG 3313 Machine Dynamics 3
S&T: MECH ENG 3521 Applied Thermodynamics 3
S&T: ELEC ENG 2100/2101 Electric Circuits and Lab 4
S&T: CIV ENG 2210 Mechanics of Materials 3
S&T: CIV ENG 2211 Materials Testing (lab) 1
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Total hours 17

Junior second semester

Courses Hours
S&T: MECH ENG 3411 Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems 3
S&T: MECH ENG 3131 Thermofluid Mechanics I 3
S&T: MECH ENG 4840 Mechanical Instrumentation 2
S&T: ELEC ENG 2120 Circuits II 3
S&T: MECH ENG 3525 Heat Transfer 3
Total hours 14

Senior first semester

Courses Hours
S&T: MECH ENG Technical Elective 3
S&T: MECH ENG 4479 Automatic Control of Dynamic Systems 3
S&T: MECH ENG 4480 Control Systems Lab 1
S&T: MECH ENG 3708 Machine Design I 3
ENG 210, ENG 221, ENG 310, ENG 321 or COM 115 3
S&T: MECH ENG 4842 Mechanical Engineering Systems Lab 2
Total hours 15

Senior second semester

Courses Hours
S&T: MECH ENG Systems Integration Elective 3
S&T: ENG MGT 3320 Intro to Project Management 3
S&T: MECH ENG 4761 Engineering Design 3
Humanities or Social Sciences - General elective (upper level) 3
Humanities or Social Sciences - General Elective 3
Literature elective 3
Total hours 18

Degree plan notes

This is a sample schedule. Your actual schedule may vary.

You must satisfy the common engineering freshman year course requirements, and be admitted into the department, in addition to the sophomore, junior and senior year requirements listed above that total a minimum of 132 hours.

Prerequisite grade requirements

A grade of “C” or better is required, both as prerequisite for follow-up courses in the curriculum and for graduation, for the following:

  • CHEM 160
  • MATH 261
  • MATH 280
  • MATH 302
  • MATH 303
  • PHYSICS 203
  • PHYSICS 204
  • CSC 125
  • MET ENG 2110
  • EL ENG 2100
  • CIV ENG 2200
  • CIV ENG 2210
  • MECH ENG 2519
  • MECH ENG 2360
  • MECH ENG 3411

Communications elective

This course must be selected from the following:

  • ENGLISH 210
  • ENGLISH 221
  • ENGLISH 310
  • ENGLISH 321
  • COM 115

Literature, humanities and social sciences electives

All electives must be approved by the student's advisor. Humanities and social science electives must be at least 3 credit hours of lecture designation, and also meet requirements as specified under "Engineering Degree Requirements" published in the current Missouri S&T undergraduate catalog.

Mechanical Engineering (MECH ENG) Technical elective

The mechanical engineering technical elective is subject to approval by your advisor, and must be in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering. This elective may not include co-op, special problems, or research credits, such as as 3002, 4000, or 4099. Honors students have special requirements for technical electives.

Mechanical Engineering (MECH ENG) Integration elective

The systems integration technical elective for mechanical engineering must be selected from the following list: MECH ENG 5307, 5478, 5481, 5533, 5571, 5575, 5656, 5704, 5708, 5709, 5715, 5757, 5763.

Graduation exam requirement

You must must take the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination prior to graduation. A passing grade on this examination is not required to earn your degree. However, it is the first step toward becoming a registered professional engineer. This requirement is part of the Missouri S&T assessment process as described in assessment requirements found elsewhere in this catalog.