Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You must first satisfy the admission requirements at Missouri State University.

Admission process

  1. Apply and gain admission to Missouri State prior to enrolling in Missouri State courses.
  2. Complete the courses in the freshman engineering curriculum, earning a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  3. Once your cooperative engineering advisor has determined you are ready, you will apply for admission to Missouri S&T. You must complete the freshman engineering curriculum with a 2.5 GPA or higher in order to be admitted to Missouri S&T.

Apply to Missouri State Apply to Missouri S&T

What degree will I earn?

You will earn either a BS in Civil Engineering, a BS in Electrical Engineering or a BS in Mechanical Engineering. The degrees will be awarded by the Missouri S&T in cooperation with Missouri State.

What about scholarships and financial aid?

For purposes of financial aid and scholarships, Missouri State will remain your home institution throughout the program. Federal, state and private scholarships and financial aid will be awarded through Missouri State’s financial aid office.

First-time freshmen

  • During your first 60 credits (Including dual credit), you will be eligible for university scholarships from Missouri State.
  • After 60 credits (including dual credit), you will be eligible for transfer scholarships from Missouri S&T.
    • You will not be eligible for Partners in Excellence Scholarships from Missouri S&T.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You must meet and maintain the scholarship award and renewal criteria.

If you receive a Board of Governors or Presidential Scholarship from Missouri State, there will be a significant reduction in the scholarship amount after you complete 60 credits.

If you receive any form of waiver of out-of-state fees from Missouri State, it will apply only to the courses you take through Missouri State.

Transfer students

  • Transfer students are not eligible for Missouri State transfer scholarships.
  • Transfer students are eligible for Missouri S&T transfer scholarships. 
    • Transfer students are not eligible for Missouri S&T Partners in Excellence scholarships.

What if I want to transfer full-time to the Missouri S&T campus?

You may complete the pre-engineering program at Missouri State before transferring to Missouri S&T to complete your engineering degree. Contact the Missouri S&T transfer office for information on admission and scholarship processing.

Which school calendar should I follow?

  • Follow the Missouri State calendar for all Missouri State classes.
  • Follow the Missouri S&T calendar for all classes offered as distance education from the Missouri S&T campus.

How do I register for classes?

After you are admitted to both Missouri S&T and Missouri State, you will be eligible to register for the prescribed courses in the program. You’ll receive registration information from the campus that is teaching the courses you need to take. You will proceed through the registration process on each campus. Register for Missouri State classes through "My Missouri State" and Missouri S&T classes through Joe'SS. 

How do I get my Missouri S&T books?

When you are taking Missouri S&T classes, complete an online book request with the Missouri S&T bookstore. The Missouri S&T bookstore will ship the textbooks to your home address.

Do my instructors use the Missouri S&T or the Missouri State grading policy?

They will follow the grading policies of the campus that is offering the course.

How do I get an official copy of my transcript?

Visit the registrar’s website of each institution to find instructions for ordering official transcripts. For job applications or graduate school admission, send the Missouri S&T transcript as your official transcript.

Who will send me a bill and what rate will I pay?

Missouri State will send out all bills. You will be charged Missouri State rates for Missouri State courses and Missouri S&T rates for Missouri S&T courses.

If I drop a class, will I get a refund?

Yes. If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive it according to the Missouri State refund schedule. Please see the cooperative engineering administrative assistant to drop your Missouri S&T class. 

What will be the wording on my diploma and transcript?

Your Missouri S&T diploma will include the words “In Cooperation with Missouri State University.” Your Missouri S&T transcript will be the same as other Missouri S&T graduates. 

Which commencement ceremony do I attend?

It will be your option to participate in either the Missouri S&T or the MSU commencement ceremony. You should visit the registrar’s office website with Missouri S&T to apply for graduation.

Can I use the Missouri S&T Career Center?

Yes, once you are admitted to Missouri S&T you will be able to attend the Missouri S&T Career Fair and have access to other S&T Career Center resources.

I’m in high school and interested in starting in the cooperative engineering program. What do I do?

Apply online for admission to Missouri State and select either civil engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering as your major.

When do I apply to Missouri S&T?

Apply for admission during the semester that you are completing the final courses in the freshman engineering curriculum. You will gain admission at the end of the semester, provided that you have successfully completed the courses.

You must complete the freshman engineering curriculum with a 2.5 GPA in order to be admitted to Missouri S&T.

The application process for Missouri S&T will be directly handled through Missouri State’s cooperative engineering office. Your engineering advisor will let the engineering administrative assistant know that you are eligible to apply to Missouri S&T. The administrative assistant will send an email (to your Missouri State email address) explaining the cooperative engineering Missouri S&T application process for both Missouri State and Missouri S&T.

Who will be my advisor?

Your advisor will be one of the engineering faculty at Missouri State’s campus.

What courses do I take in my first semester?

It depends on your math placement and any credits you earned in high school. Contact your advisor to determine your schedule.

I have more specific questions about engineering. Who should I contact?

Please contact us with any questions.