Important Academic Dates

Before you drop your classes

Please check with our office (Angie Piercy or Sarah Morrissey) before you drop or withdraw Missouri S&T engineering classes.

You need to drop/withdraw the class(es) with both Missouri State and Missouri S&T.

Highlights of the Missouri State and Missouri S&T calendars

Important academic dates for the semester are listed below.

As you plan your semester, be sure to check the Missouri State and Missouri S&T calendars to confirm these dates.

Note: You are enrolled with both Missouri S&T and Missouri State.

Fee refund schedule

Refunds are made according to the Missouri State refund schedule.

Session Last day for 100% credit Last day for 75% credit Last day for 50% credit Last day for 25% credit Last day to drop or withdraw

August 22 to December 15  (including finals week)

August 26 September 2 September 19 October 19 November 11

Fall 2022 Missouri S&T and Missouri State academic calendar

Missouri S&T will not allow you to withdraw from any engineering courses unless you contact S&T’s Office of the Registrar. Let the Missouri State engineering office know as well.

Date School Event/activity
March 30-April 22 MSU Fall 2022 Registration - Sequenced
April 25 MSU Fall 2022 Registration-Regular
August 22 - August 26 MSU Full Semester and First Block Change of Schedule
August 22 - Dec. 8 MSU

See for Drop and Refund Deadline Information.

August 21 S&T Open Registration Ends
August. 22 S&T/MSU

Full Semester & First Block Classes Begin 8:00am

August 26 MSU *Last day for 100% Credit Refund
September 2 MSU Deadline to request a FERPA hold
September 2 MSU *Last day for 75% Credit Refund
September 5 S&T/MSU Labor Day Holiday (No Classes/Offices Closed)
September 9 MSU Full Semester & First Block Classes-Last Day to Submit an Instructor Drop
September 10 MSU My Payment Plan Installment Due
September 19 MSU *Last day for 50% Credit Refund
September 20 S&T Last day to apply for graduation (Do this through your Joe’ss Account unless you are also receiving a degree with MSU.  Then you would do both.)
September 27 S&T Fall Career Fair
October 6 S&T Fall Break Begins 8:00 a.m.
October 10 S&T Fall Break Ends 8:00 a.m. 
October 10 MSU My Payment Plan Installment Due
October 12 MSU Mid-Semester/First Block Final Exams
October 12 S&T Mid-Semester & final grade entry opens to instructors
October 13 – 
October 14
MSU Fall Break (No Classes/Offices Open)
October 15 S&T Mid-Semester
October 18 S&T Mid-Semester grade entry closes to instructors
October 19 MSU *Last day for 25% Credit Refund
October 20  MSU Mid Semester Grades available to students via My Missouri State
October 24 S&T Mid Semester Grades available to students via Joe’SS
October 24 MSU Homecoming
October 31 MSU Deadline to have name listed in the fall 2021 Commencement Program
November 9 MSU

CNAS STEM Career Expo 

November 10 MSU Final My Payment Plan Installment Due
November 11 MSU *Last day to drop or withdraw
November 19-November 27 MSU Thanksgiving Holiday (No Classes)
Offices Closed November 23 - November 27
November 20 S&T

Thanksgiving  vacation begins 8:00 a.m.

November 28 S&T Thanksgiving vacation ends 8:00 a.m.
December 8 MSU Full Semester & Second Block Classes End
December 9 MSU Study Day (No Classes/Offices Open)
December 9 S&T Last Class Day
December 10 - December 15 MSU Final Exam Period
December 12 S&T Final Examinations begin 7:30am
December 16 MSU Fall Commencement
December 16 S&T Final Examinations end 5:00pm
December 17 S&T December Commencement (1 of 2) - 10 a.m.- Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees in Designated Departments
December 17 S&T December Commencement (2 of 2) – 3:30 p.m. Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees in Designated Departments
December 20 S&T Final grade entry closes to instructors
December 21 MSU Dean's Review Academic Status-Due by 12:00pm
December 22 MSU Transcripts with Fall 2022 Grades and Degrees Earned Available Beginning Today
December 22 MSU Students' Final Grades, GPA Calculations & Academic Status Available on Transcripts
December 22– January 4 MSU Winter Break (No classes, offices closed)
December 23 S&T Final grades available to students via Joe’SS
January 23 MSU Diplomas for Fall 2022 Graduates Mailed Beginning Today

Calendar details to know

  • Permission Numbers required for first two weeks via Joe’SS.

  • After two weeks from the start of semester, the only classes eligible to add are: Special Problems, Research, Seminar or Oral Exam.

  • Drop exclusions include co-requisites or drop below minimum hours; therefore a paper drop form will be required. See the MSU EGR Office before dropping an S&T Engineering class.
  • Faculty are aware of respective religious and other holidays that a number of students may wish to observe. Faculty are encouraged to avoid scheduling examinations on these days.