Important Academic Dates

Highlights of the Missouri State and Missouri S&T calendars

Please find some important academic dates below. As you plan your semester, be sure to check the Missouri State and Missouri S&T calendars to confirm these dates.

Summer 2021 MS&T / MSU academic calendar

Note: *Refunds are according to MSU schedule.

Please drop your class with both MSU and MS&T. Let the EGR Office know as well.

*Permission Numbers required for first two weeks via Joe’SS.

**After two weeks from start of semester only classes eligible to add are Special Problems, Research, Seminar or Oral Exam.

***Drop exclusions include co-requisites or drop below minimum hours; therefore a paper drop form will be required.

The attention of the faculty is called to the respective religious and other holidays that a number of students may wish to observe. ​​​​​​​The faculty is encouraged to avoid scheduling examinations on these days.

Date School Event/Activity
June 4   MSU Summer 2021 Registration-Regular
June 6 MS&T   Open Registration Ends
June 6 MS&T   Late fee assessed for registration after this date
June 7   MSU Summer 2021 Session Begin
June 7 MS&T   Summer session opens 8:00 a.m
June 7 MS&T   Classwork begins 8:00 a.m
June 11 MS&T   Last day to register
June 11   MSU Last day for 100% credit
June 18   MSU Deadline to request a FERPA hold
June 18   MSU Last day for 75% credit
June 24   MSU Last day for 50% credit
June 25   MSU Faculty: Last Day to Submit an Instructor Drop for Classes
July 2   MSU Last day for 25% credit
July 5   MSU Independence Day Holiday Observed (No Classes/Offices Closed)
July 5 MS&T   Independence Day Holiday (observed)
July 10   MSU My Payment Plan Installment Due
July 15   MSU Last day to drop or withdraw
July 28   MSU Summer 2021 Classes End
July 28 MS&T   Last class day
July 29 MS&T   Final Examinations begin 8:00 a.m.
July 29-July 30   MSU Final Exam Period
July 30 MS&T   Final Examinations end 12:30 p.m.
July 30 MS&T   Summer Sessions closes 12:30 p.m.
August 3   MSU Final Grades available to students via My Missouri State
August 4   MSU Dean's Review Academic Status - Due by 12 p.m.
August 5   MSU Students' Final Grades, GPA Calculations & Academic Status Available on Transcripts
August 5   MSU Transcripts with Summer 2021 Degrees Earned Available Beginning Today
August 10   MSU Final My Payment Plan Installment Due
August 23   MSU Diplomas for Summer 2021 Graduates Mailed Beginning Today