Careers and Outcomes

Build the tools and machines that solve problems

Have you ever asked, ‘How does that work?’ or ‘What’s that for?’

As a mechanical engineer, you'll know how it all happens.

What does a mechanical engineer do?

They make things move and function.

Mechanical engineers work on the engines, motors, and systems that you see and use all the time.

Step into the shoes of a mechanical engineer and you can:

  • Analyze problems to see how a mechanical device might help solve the problem.
  • Develop a prototype of the device and test the prototype, then analyze the test results and change the design as needed.
  • Design power-producing machines like electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines.
  • Design power-using machines, such as refrigerators and air-conditioners.
  • Design material-handling systems, such as conveyor systems and automated transfer stations.
  • Develop industrial production equipment, including robots used in manufacturing.

As a mechanical engineer, you’ll become an inventor, innovator and problem solver.

Major in mechanical engineering

How much money do mechanical engineers make?

As a mechanical engineer, you can make a good living for your services.

The average starting salary for Missouri S&T graduates was about $63,000 in 2021.

As you get further into your career, your salary will grow depending on where you live, work and how much experience you have.



Average annual salary for mechanical engineers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Job growth


Projected job growth this decade for mechanical engineers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Mechanical engineering jobs

One of the best things about mechanical engineering: You can work in almost any industry and earn a strong salary.

Top career fields for mechanical engineers include:

Where do our alumni work?

In Springfield and beyond, you’ll find former Miner Bears doing big things.

Local employers include:

  • 3M
  • Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI)
  • Bartlett & West
  • Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective
  • City Utilities
  • CNH Industrial Reman
  • Custom Metalcraft Inc.
  • John Deere Reman
  • Loren Cook Company
  • McCormick
  • NorthStar Battery
  • Paul Mueller Company
  • Positronic
  • SRC Automotive
  • Stainless Fabrication, Inc.