Student Opportunities and Services

Hang out with your engineering peers

There's nothing like real-world engineering.

With clubs and competitions, you can have fun and put your skills to the test.

Join a student club or professional organization

Meet new friends, connect with professionals and expand your engineering scope.

Missouri State engineering students posing for a photo at the Olmsted Lock and Dam facility in Illinois.  The students and their tour guides are all wearing orange safety vests and hard hats.
Student club

Bridge the gap from student to future professional.

One student using the controls for a mechanical system while two other students watch.
Student club

Put your goals and dreams into action.

A small, bare-bones vehicle made from steel and aluminum.
Student club

Design, build and drive cool vehicles.

Two students and a professor using a controller to operate a robotic arm. All three are laughing and having fun.
Student club

Make technology come alive.

Professional organizations

Want to increase your employment potential?

With close ties to Missouri State, these professional groups can give you an inside track on job leads and industry news.

Attend events and enter competitions

A student explains her research presentation to another student during the 2019 College of Natural and Applied Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Whether you want to inspire future engineers or win first place, you can be part of the team and have a great time.


  • Bridge Testing: Help high school students build and test their own balsa wood bridges.
  • Discover Engineering: Introduce elementary students to the wonders of science and engineering.
  • MathCounts: Fuel a love of math in middle schoolers at this MSPE-sponsored event.

Competitions and design teams

Other ways to connect and grow

Students from the STEM living-learning community smiling at the camera during a social event. Arts and craft supplies, including paint, are spread across a big table.
Living-learning community

Live among other Bears who like science, tech, engineering and math (STEM).

Internships: Add real-world experiences to your degree

You’ll find a strong emphasis on placing you in internships. Most of these internships are paid.

Many students work part-time during the school year as interns for local engineering companies. Some take summer intern positions or eight-month co-op positions.

Internships build your experience and help you land full-time jobs after you graduate.

Research: Uncover new findings

You can team up with engineering faculty and classmates on research projects.

Access the tools for success

Use resources around the Missouri State campus to aid your academic journey.

Find more help through our Guide to Services.