Assessment Council

Assessment Council is an advisory committee to the Provost consisting at least two representatives from each college. Current membership includes 30 members who represent 25 curricular and co-curricular departments and offices across campus.


(updated, 2022)

Purpose: To provide information, advice and counsel to the Office of the Provost in matters of assessment. The Council will support the Director of Assessment in the charge to administer a comprehensive, continual, multidimensional assessment program of student learning outcomes and evaluation of academic programs, collaborating with campus units to integrate assessment and evaluation efforts across campus, and integrating assessment activities and results with accreditation processes. This includes but is not limited to 1) monitoring the Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative Project (QIP) assessment process; 2) reviewing current assessment tools used to assess institutional goals; 3) planning and implementing assessment training programs for the campus; 4) reviewing program-level assessment plans; 5) supporting general education program assessments.

Members include:

  • Ranked faculty from each college
  • Representatives from the Division for Diversity & Inclusion, Student Affairs, Student Success, and Public Affairs and Assessment
  • Representatives from the undergraduate and graduate student bodies
  • One representative of the academic administration
  • The Director of Assessment

The Council Chair, the Director of Assessment, shall prepare the agenda and reports for discussion and consideration by the Assessment Council. Subcommittees of the Council shall be appointed by the Director of Assessment as are deemed necessary and appropriate for the timely fulfillment of the functions of the Council. Council members shall report assessment activities and Council discussions to the colleges, departments, and other units they represent.

Council Members

College of Business

Dr. Libby Rozell, Associate Dean

Dr. Cathryn A. Van Landuyt, Information Tech and Cybersecurity

Kate Haring, Coordinator, Accreditation, Assessment and Enrollment Management

College of Education

Dr. Barri Tinkler, Dean

Dr. Ximena Uribe-Zarain, Counesling, Leadership, and Special Education

College of Humanities and Public Affairs

Dr. Steve Berkwitz, Department Head, Religious Studies

Dr. Ethan Amidon, Criminology

Dr. Herbert Rodrigues, Sociology and Anthropology

College of Natural and Applied Science

Dr. Toby Dogwiler, Department Head, Geography, Geology, and Planning

Dr. Steven Senger, Mathematics

Dr. Matthew Siebert, Chemistry

Darr College of Agriculture

Dr. Beth Walker, Animal Science

Dr. Wenping Qiu, Agriculture (West Plains Campus)

McQueary College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Christie Cathey, Psychology

Dr. Letitia White Minnis, Department Head, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Reynolds College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Andrew H. Homburg, Music

Dr. Erin Wehrman, Communication


Dr. Kathy J. Nordyke, Director, Citizenship and Service Learning

Computer Services

Brian Edmond, Coordinator, Management Information Systems

Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Juan Meraz, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Algerian Hart, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant to the President


Nancy Gordon, Director

Institutional Research

Dr. Michelle Olsen, Director


Tracy Stout, Library Science

Assessment and Accreditation

Mark A. Woolsey, Assessment Consultant

Mary Bohlen, Assessment Consultant

Student Affairs

Dr. Kelly Rapp, Director, Career Center

Tara Benson, PSU Director Student Engagement




Student Success

Dr. Tracey Glaessgen, Associate Director, Center for Academic Success and Transition & Director, First Year Programs

Meeting Dates


September 13 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am

October 18 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am

November 15 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am


February 21 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am

March 21 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am

April 11 - PSU 308 at 10:00 am