Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

Advising Reports Available

What Do First Year Students in 2023 Know and Expect?: An Advising Profile of New Students at Missouri State University

A new advising report is available based on 2,030 first-year students who took the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) during SOAR in summer 2023. The Student Advising Report is an individualized report designed to help understand your advisees background and expectations about their first year of college. This one-page report sheds light on students high school experiences and expectations for their first year.

Accessing the Advising Reports

The individual reports of the 2,030 students who took the survey are available to advisors through Advising Notes. “BCSSE Survey Results” will appear in "Transcripts and Test Scores."

Using the Reports

BCSSE Advising Report Guide

The guide describes and explains the important of seven critical areas focusing on expectations, commitment, engagement and preparation.

Conversation Catalysts

Advisors have compiled and shared a list of questions they asked as they looked through students’ BCSSE Advising Reports.


Missouri State University administered the BCSSE to samples of incoming students in 2008, 2011, and 2014 (read more on Current Assessment Activities). The results of those surveys and the paired NSSE results are linked below.