Assessment Workshop for Graduate Programs

Over the past eight years, many of you have joined us at our Annual Assessment Workshops each May to assess student learning in Public Affairs and General Education.  Like last year, we’re shifting our focus to graduate programs.

Faculty and Staff join together for Annual Assessment Workshop group photo​​​​​​​

Here's what you need to know:

Purpose: Make assessment easier for faculty and learn best practices and ideas from others on campus. Pick something in your graduate programs that you, as a team, would like to work on with your colleagues.

Non-Purpose: We don't want to add more work or make your work harder.

What’s the process?

  1. Figure out a question you have related to student learning at the graduate-level. If you want to participate but are wondering what to look at, reach out to a member of the Assessment team. We can help you brainstorm and give you a list of suggestions.
  2. Pull together 3-4 colleagues and a graduate student (Bonus: faculty who bring a student get an extra $100 on their stipend and the student gets paid hourly!)
  3. Meet with consultants. Once you have a plan and a team, fill out this quick form to:
    • RSVP
    • Set up a consultation appointment so we can document your plan.

What will the workshop look like?

Meet on Wednesday, May 19, at 11:00 am for about 2 hours via Zoom.

  1. Discuss your question with colleagues from other departments. [30 minutes]
  2. Get in a breakout room with your team. [30 minutes]
  3. Between now and Thursday, set up times to talk—work separately, meet via Zoom, touch base with us.
  4. Assessment will hold virtual “office” hours via Zoom Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Take advantage and check in, ask questions, and get a thinking partner.

Meet on Friday, May 21, at 11:00 am for 3 hours via Zoom.

  1. Do a five-minute presentation to the group via Zoom which includes an action and next steps.
  2. Give a brief presentation based on Barbara Walvoord's Assessment Clear and Simple:
    • Data discussed
    • Conclusions reached
    • Item(s) chosen for action
    • Follow-up plans & Next steps
    • Items recommended for action at higher levels than the department

What You Get

  1. Time to think, talk, and plan with colleagues
  2. A stipend of $500. $600 if you bring a student to participate. Students will be paid hourly.
  3. Connectivity


Thank you for joining in the 2021 Graduate Program Assessment Workshop. Find the daily slides and resources below: 

AAC&U Value Rubrics


Any questions? Please contact the Assessment Office by email at or any member of the team.

2020 Workshop Results

We had 9 teams representing 13 different academic departments represented at our 2020 workshop. Below you'll find their presentations with findings and next steps: 

Agriculture English (Comprehensive Exam/Learning outcomes) Kinesiology
Communication English (Graduate Teaching Assistant Outcomes) Psychology
Diversity & Inclusion Information Technology & Cyber Security Religious Studies

2021 Workshop Results

We had 8 teams representing 7 different academic departments represented at our 2021 workshop. Below you'll find their presentations with findings and next steps: 

Public Health and Sports Medicine English Communication Sciences and Disorders
Occupational Therapy (Doctoral Program Development) Occupational Therapy (Professional Behavior Development) Counseling, Leadership and Special Education
Kinesiology Student Affairs in Higher Education