Quality Initiative Project

What is the Quality Initiative Project (QIP)?

The Higher Learning Commission has two options for institutions to maintain their accreditation, the Standard Pathway and the Open Pathway. Both pathways are similar in their requirements and focus on quality assurance and institutional improvements. The Open Pathway has a unique improvement component, the Quality Initiative, that is required as part of the 10-year accreditation cycle. 

Missouri State University has opted to follow the Open Pathway to maintain their accreditation. Through the Quality Initiative, the University has the opportunity of selecting one major improvement project during the 10-year accreditation cycle. The Quality Initiative typically takes place during years 5 and 9 of the accreditation cycle and can be a new project, a continuation of an in process project, or even a key milestone in a larger ongoing initiative. This flexibility allows institutions to aim high and learn from any successes or shortcomings during the project. It is the genuine effort put toward pursuing the project and possible improvements that is the focus of the Quality Initiative review.

Current QIP Proposal

Assessing Student Learning in Graduate and Professional Doctorate Programs, 2022
    • Goals of 2022 QIP Proposal
      • By 2025, at least 50% of the university's graduate programs would participate in the QIP
      • 100% of participant programs will review student learning outcomes
      • 85% of participant programs will agree/strongly agree that their team made progress in improving assessment in their discipline

Review and Feedback on Proposal from HLC, 2022

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