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Public Affairs

Seniors with at least 102 credit hours complete the Public Affairs Scale (PAS) as part of the Undergraduate Exit Survey. This internally developed and validated scale measures students' integration of the three themes of the university’s mission in public affairs. The reports below show results from seniors who took the PAS from Spring 2012 to Fall 2016.

Public Affairs Scale score graph

Public Affairs Essay Results from Most Recent Workshop:

Beginning in 2013, Missouri State University developed a Quality initiative Project (QIP) to assess the Public Affairs Mission. The QIP is a system for assessing (not grading) student work related to the public affairs mission. Using a Public Affairs rubric adapted form AAC&U, reviewers assessed student essays from the University Exit Exam.

Public Affairs Essay Results from Past Workshops:

Quality Initiative Project 2015 - Public Affairs Results

Undergraduate Exit Survey & The Public Affairs Mission

Undergraduate Exit Survey Scores, Fiscal Years 2005–2014

How It's Used

Questions in the Exit Survey will inquire about experiences related to the university’s public affairs mission and plans after graduation.

Feedback on student experience at Missouri State is essential. Student thoughts inform instruction and planning decisions across the entire university. This feedback is kept confidential and compiled in an aggregated form to protect personal information.

The Undergraduate Exit Survey is used to assess student learning in general education and is a Key Performance Indicator. Missouri State also uses the information to assess how much student learning relates to the university’s statewide mission in public affairs.