Group Visit Information

Guidelines for special campus tours

Our student tour guides, also known as University Ambassadors, are available to provide special tours for visiting groups. These groups include students on campus for special programs, high school groups, scholarship programs and more.

To ensure the quality of experience we are able to provide, we ask that these guidelines be followed when arranging and requesting special tours.

  • Special tours should be arranged at least two weeks in advance to allow the Ambassador sponsor and leadership time to recruit volunteers for such tours. The director or associate director of admissions must approve requests for tours submitted on shorter notice.
  • A campus tour should not be a required activity for a visiting group unless they are specifically visiting as prospective students. For example, students who are on our campus for a camp, conference or workshop may or may not have an interest in touring campus. We recommend offering tours to these groups as optional activities. Requiring disinterested individuals to take a campus tour creates a challenge for the Ambassadors and often diminishes the quality of the experience for those individuals who truly do wish to take a tour.
  • The Ambassador sponsor or leadership should be involved with the planning of tours from the early stages, especially for large groups. A number of factors must be considered to plan a successful tour: total number of visitors expected, the age and interests of the visitors, the visitor to tour guide ratio, the amount of time available for tours, the date/time of the tour and other activities planned for that date.
  • If the department or organization requesting the campus tour has an associated student organization that will be working with the visiting group, we encourage members of that group to assist with the tours. In some cases, it may be necessary or advantageous for the members to serve as tour guides themselves, especially for large groups for which we are unable to provide an adequate number of Ambassadors. The Ambassador sponsor and leadership will provide a brief campus tour training session for such students.
  • When possible, tours should be scheduled for days that classes are in session. This will provide visitors with a better perspective of campus life and increase the probability of finding Ambassadors to provide tours.
  • The Ambassador sponsor or leadership should be apprised of all relevant details regarding the visiting group’s schedule and should be notified promptly if plans for a special tour change. Because most of the arrangements for a tour are based upon the anticipated number of participants, the visiting group should make every effort to know the number attending and to adhere to that number.
  • If visiting groups have staff (e.g., chaperones or counselors), then they should be asked to accompany their students on tours and to be responsible for the behavior of their students. We recommend at least one staff member for every 15 students.
  • Ambassadors are responsible for providing campus tours, not for controlling the behavior of visiting students. Departments or organizations hosting visiting groups should establish expectations for the behavior of their students. If students become disruptive on a tour, the Ambassadors are authorized to ask them to leave the tour.

Other tour options

As an alternative to special tours, the office of admissions can generally provide a brief overview of Missouri State and/or give a presentation on planning and preparing for college.

More information

If you have questions, contact Sean Kliethermes at (toll free) 800-492-7900, directly at 417-836-4353 or by email at