Recyclemania Do your part

RecycleMania is a national recycling competition between colleges and universities to see who can reduce waste and recycle the most!

You can make a difference by reducing, reusing, and of course, recycling on campus.

Participate in these events:

Get Caught Green Handed:

Students across campus caught reducing, reusing and recycling will earn rewards!

Become Low Impact Certified

Faculty and Staff can make a big impact on campus waste generation by making small changes during the day and encouraging others to do the same.

Print out the Faculty/Staff Commitment Poster and place a check next to all the practices you pledge to carry out. There is no minimum, but try to set as many realistic goals as possible! Hang this poster on your office door or window to demonstrate your commitments and encourage others to do the same! Please only print the checklist page to save paper, ink and energy!

Upcycling Event:

Monday, February 27th at 6:00 p.m. in Blair-Shannon

Students will learn how to upcycle commonly thrown away items into something new, such as chalkboards, coasters, pencil holders, and more…