Cultural and Identity

I want to explore social justice and identity!

Missouri State University has student organizations and offices focused on social justice, culture and the exploration of identity. These entities play an integral role on campus and provide students an opportunity to learn, grow and engage with various forms of difference. These organizations and offices are open and welcoming to ALL students!

The mission of the Missouri State University Black Graduate Student Association is to advance the scholarly activity of minority students and to improve the conditions of the social environment

The Office of International Services provides resources and support for international students and faculty at Missouri State University.

LGBTQ+ Student Services seeks to create a welcoming, affirming, and socially just campus environment for students marginalized because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Multicultural Programs is the hub for student growth and development as well as the exploration of identity and self.

Express your authentic self and grow stronger in critical consciousness with fellow students.

P.I.N.K is an organization that is dedicated to bringing Sigma Lambda Gamma to campus, a multicultural sorority. Our focus is on pride, inclusion, nobility, and knowledge. We are also dedicated to empowering women of distinction. We take pride in our backgrounds and our culture and on inclusion.