Campus Ministers' Association


We affirm, support, and encourage the role of spiritual values with the University community and in the development of a truly educated, reasoned, and caring person. We further affirm, from the variety of our religious traditions and perspectives, our mutual responsibility with the University of helping students develop a refined sense of values, integrity, and social awareness for future leadership roles.


We believe there are issues and religious needs where a united effort by professional campus ministers can be helpful to students and university staff and faculty. Therefore, the Missouri State University Campus Minister's Association is formed:

  1. To aid communication among University campus ministers and between these ministries and the University community.
  2. To facilitate and co-sponsor co-operative programs.
  3. To address common concerns and issues.
  4. To represent concerns of the University community to our respective ministries, local churches, and ministerial alliances.


Membership is open, upon application, to Missouri State University professional campus ministry staff members. Professional staff shall consist of those persons who have official appointment or endorsement to a campus ministry position by an ecumenical, denominational, judicatory, national or local board of agency, or who are employed professional staff members of a local church whose job description requires a minimum of ten hours per week in campus ministry.

If you are interested in joining CMA, please email

Missouri State University Campus Ministers' Association
Church Affiliation Website Contact Address
Adolos/Baptist Student Union
Missouri Baptist 906 S National Ave
Cru 1021 E Walnut St, Ste B
Catholic Campus Ministry 847 S Holland Ave
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Campus Life 940 S National Ave
Christian Campus House
Non-denominational Christian 616 Bear Blvd.
Christian Student Center
Church of Christ 678 S National Ave
Episcopal Campus Ministry 601 E Walnut St
FNC… First and Calvary’s
University Ministries
Presbyterian 820 Cherry St
Ekklesia 626 E Grand
Hill City U Church 325 Park Central E
Lutheran Student Center
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod 848 S National Ave
The Potter’s House
Nazarene Student Association 724 S National Ave
Occupy 417-849-8058
Springfield Institute of Religion
Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints 904 S Kimbrough Ave
Student Mobilization  
The Vine
Second Baptist Church 3111 E Battlefield Rd
Young Adults Seminole Baptist