Judicial Board

Our goal with the Judicial Board is to establish a self-governing body that can ensure all rules and regulations are being followed. If a member fraternity is found in violation of Interfraternity Bylaws, then they will be sent to a hearing conducted by the Judicial Board. Actions that are committed by chapter individuals, chapters as a whole, or disputes between member fraternities will be handled by the Judicial Board. An internal hearing process will allow our fraternity community to effectively enforce our bylaws without the university needing to get involved.

As the IFC Vice President of Judicial Affairs, Tristen Christ leads the board and serves as the Chief Justice. The IFC Vice President for Social Awareness, Tyler Peters, serves as the Associate Chief Justice. Additionally, each IFC chapter is allowed one justice to represent their chapter on the Judicial Board. 


Missouri State IFC Judicial Incident Report

When someone suspects a IFC chapter of violating a policy or bylaw they should fill out the Missouri State IFC Judicial Incident Report. This form serves as a method for members of the community to report incidents involving an IFC chapter. Matters will be reviewed by the Chief Justice or the Associate Chief Justice of the IFC and dealt with accordingly. If you have any questions of concerns, please email me IFC@MissouriState.edu. Please send any files you may have to the email immediately after completing this form. Note, this form must be filled out with your Missouri State student email.