Student Organizational Conduct Reports

Conduct records of registered student organizations at Missouri State University are maintained and housed in the Office of Student Conduct. We believe in the importance of transparency regarding organizational involvement in the conduct process, in recognition that this information may impact students seeking membership in these organizations. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), this report does not disclose personal information of individuals within these organizations.

The summary of organizational involvement in the conduct process may be found below. The information provided indicates the charges, resolutions and consequences of registered student organizations for the listed semester. This is a snapshot of the result of an organization going through the conduct process. It does not indicate the nature of the specific incident for which the organization was charged, number of individuals involved, nor the investigation process. Records for all organizational conduct are maintained in the Office of Student Conduct indefinitely, but will be housed on the Missouri State University website for 5 years. For additional questions, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

Fall 2023 Organization Conduct Report

Spring 2023 Organization Conduct Report

Fall 2022 Organization Conduct Report

Spring 2022 Organization Conduct Report

Fall 2021 Organization Conduct Report

Spring 2021 Organizations Conduct Report

Spring 2020 Organizations Conduct Report

Spring 2019 Organizations Conduct Report

Spring 2018 Organizations Conduct Report

The FERPA Policy can be reviewed on the FERPA website.

The conduct process for individuals or organizations can be viewed on the Adjudication Process tab of the Office of Student Conduct webpage.

The Policies for which Organizations are required to adhere can be found in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilties and Social Event Risk Management.