Consequence Information

Below you will find information about the most common consequences that are assigned. These are here for your reference and general information. If you have any questions about specific consequences or consequences that you have been assigned please contact our office for further information. Our office can be reached at 417-836-6937.

  • Educational Classes

  • Community Service

  • Chemical Dependency Assessment

  • Fine Structure

Educational Classes

Your Student Responsibilities

  • You will automatically be enrolled in the course after the completion of the conduct meeting or hearing.  There are a limited number of classes per semester.  These classes are also limited to a specific class size.  Classes quickly reach their maximum capacity, especially during midterm and finals.
  • It is also your responsibility to complete your consequence in a specific time frame. This time frame may be indicated in your signed Case Resolution Form (which describes the consequences that you agree to complete).  If it is not directly indicated in the form, you are required to complete your consequence by the end of the current semester.
  • You should be aware of your student responsibilities when estimating the time to complete your consequences.  You should consider the alcohol/drug education class times, school coursework/exams, and any other responsibilities that require your time. The Office of Student Conduct provides several classes throughout the semester to (a) accommodate your schedule or (b) provide the dates in advance so that you can make the necessary arrangements for class completion.
  • All education classes last approximately two (2) hours.  You must attend the entire class in order to complete your consequence.
  • A class session fee will be charged to your account (see the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for the fee amount).

Failure to Complete Class Session

  • Failure to complete the class in its entirety, or failure to complete the class by the specified time (or by the end of the semester) will result in disciplinary encumbrance.  Disciplinary encumbrance is a student status that prohibits future enrollment at Missouri State.  This status will not be removed from your student file until you have completed your consequence.
  • If you do not attend your scheduled class, you will (a) forfeit your session fee, (b) be required to attend the next available class session, (c) pay another session fee, and (d) be encumbered until you complete your consequence.
  • If you do not complete your consequence and you do not respond to the contact efforts made by the Office of Student Conduct, you may be charged with an additional violation of the code, such as "Failure to Comply."

Extenuating Circumstances

  • If extenuating circumstances arise, you will be required to notify the Office of Student Conduct as soon as possible by phone at 417-836-6937.  Furthermore, you will be required to provide evidence of the extenuating circumstance.  By doing so, you will not be charged a class fee.  If you do not provide evidence of the extenuating circumstance, you will be charged the class fee for your class enrollment. Extenuating circumstances include: hospitalization or death in the family.

Community Service

Occasionally, depending on the policy violation the conduct office will decide to assign community service as a consequence for policy violations. 

All community service hours must be completed for a non-profit organization. You utilize the Student Employment office in Blair-Shannon 113 to locate service opportunities or you can locate your own organization to serve, pending approval. Hours must be completed individually; they cannot be completed with other students or as a part of a Greek organization. 

The community service hours will only be considered completed when the person supervising them has verified their completion. Community service hours supervisors cannot be fellow students.

Non-profit organizations in the area include:

Ronald McDonald House
Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks
Dickerson Park Zoo
Boys and Girls Club of Springfield
Habitat for Humanity
United Way

If you are submitting hours to complete a community service consequence, you may do so here:

Chemical Dependency Assessment

Occasionally, given the nature of the policy violation, it is in the best interest of the student to undergo a chemical dependency assessment. These are usually conducted for drug paraphernalia or use/possession or repeat alcohol violations.

Assessments are conducted by the Substance Abuse Assessment Specialist in the Counseling Center. This is usually a one-time meeting that will last around an hour. The assessment will be in the form an interview to gather information about substance use and medical/family history.

More information can be found at the Counseling Center website.

Fine Structure

Fines may be imposed for restitution of property, or may be associated with drug and alcohol policy violations. All monetary fines for alcohol and other drug violations go into an alcohol education account that supports classes, assessments, and other educational efforts.

All fines will be applied to the student's bursar account as a "Student life" fee. While it is possible that you may not be the only individual who has access to and maintains your student account, it is not our expectation that these fines are incurred by those individuals. The purpose of these consequences are to ensure education, and understanding of the policies that were violated. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure these fees are appropriately paid.

In addition to the educational consequences of drug and alcohol policy violations, the following fines are associated with the specific levels of violations:

  • Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and/or Marijuana:
    • First Violation: $100.00 
  • Use or Possession of a Controlled Substance Other Than Marijuana:
    • First Violation: $100.00 
  • Use, Possession, or Distribution of Alcohol or Alcohol Paraphernalia:
    • First Violation: $90.00 
    • Second Violation: $180.00 
    • Third Violation: $200.00