Admission and Program Requirements

Finding your place at Missouri State

Admission to the Master of Accountancy program requires that you meet all admission requirements. Admission requirements differ depending on your degree option.

Completing your graduate degree

The Master of Accountancy degree is a 33-hour program that requires completion of courses in auditing and financial, managerial and tax accounting. To complete this degree, you must fulfill the requirements listed below:

Degree requirements total 30 hrs

The Master of Accountancy degree requires a minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit. At least 24 of the 30 hours must be taken at the 700 level. Specific course and credit hour requirements follow.

  1. Accounting Core - 9 hrs
    ACC 703, ACC 741 and ACC 762
  2. Program Tracks: Choose one of the following Tracks:
    a. Public Track: ACC 705, ACC 726, ACC 750
    b. Corporate Track: ACC 613, ACC 712, ACC 715
  3. Electives - 12 hrs
    With advisor approval, select four (4) courses.  A student's program may include up to six (6) hours of 600-level courses and up to nine (9) hours of courses outside of accounting from the following list:  FIN 638, FIN 780, QBA 775, ITC 655, ITC 660, ITC 765.  In limited cases and with approval of the Director of the School of Accountancy, a course not on the preceding list may be applied to the MAcc.  Note: No more than a total of three (3) credit hours from ACC 695, ACC 794, or ACC 796 may be applied to the MAcc degree.
  4. Research
    Research projects may be required in any graduate accounting course. ACC 703 will have a significant professional research component.

Certificate options

The School of Accountancy offers two graduate certificates, allowing you to further specialize in forensic accounting or tax accounting. Both of these certificates are 12-hour programs that can be completed either as a stand-alone option or in conjunction with the Master of Accountancy program. The courses required for these certificates may meet core course work or elective requirements in the accounting graduate program.