Careers and Outcomes

Career Fair

Supporting business development and growth

Accounting is one of the fastest growing business professions. With an understanding of financial information, you will be prepared for careers in public accounting firms, corporations, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations:

  • Auditing
  • Budget analysis
  • Business consulting
  • Financial planning
  • Graduate education
  • Industry accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • University financial aid

Receiving certifications

The undergraduate degree in accounting fulfills the education requirements for the Certified Management Accountant’s (CMA) and Certified Internal Auditor’s (CIA) exams. The CMA exam also requires two years of professional experience, and the CIA exam requires two years of internal auditing experience.

The Master of Accountancy degree fulfills the 150 hours, five-year education requirement for the Certified Public Accountant exam in Missouri. If you are interested in working toward CPA certification, visit our CPA Exam Information page for more details.

As a business professional, certification demonstrates your mastery of various accounting skills, from financial planning to auditing. Continuing education opportunities offered through the certifying organizations will help further your professional development, increase your marketability and support advancement in your career.

Career Center

To help you prepare and search for jobs, the Missouri State Career Center provides a database of current openings, tips for preparing your résumé and on-campus interview opportunities. The Career Center also compiles information about what you can do with an accounting degree. You can view their recommendations by downloading the “What can I do with this major?” handout.