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Receiving support and guidance for your education

Excellent advising is vital to your success as a student. The School of Accountancy is committed to fostering strong advising relationships that assist you in completing your education and achieving your goals. Although you receive academic scheduling support through the Business Advisement Center, faculty and staff members are always willing to provide career and professional advice.

Undergraduate advising

Undergraduate students receive advising and scheduling support through the Business Advisement Center located in Glass Hall, Room 276. Skilled advisors assist you in determining your major and career paths. Advising sessions are made by appointment only. Visit the Business Advisement Center page for more information about majors, minors and advising.

Graduate advising

Graduate students may contact Dr. Gregory Tapis for advising assistance. You must receive advisor approval before enrolling in classes each semester. Also, you are required to submit an advisor approved program of study to the Graduate College before 14 hours have been completed.

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